The War On Conservative ISLAMOPHOBIA

by TR News

The Muslim Council of Britain under the leadership of Harun Khan have made coordinated efforts with MP’s to adopt a proposed definition of Islamophobia. The War On Conservative ISLAMOPHOBIA carries on.

Conservative Islamophobia?

The BBC has today published an article supposedly exposing Conservative party members over Islamophobic social media posts. The BBC took the information they found to the Conservative Party directly. A Conservative spokesman said the party was “establishing the terms” of an investigation into the issues raised.

The Muslim Council of Britain are just a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, and they have successfully persuaded a group of MP’s to adopt a definition of Islamophobia that Police Chiefs across the UK have advised against doing. We published an article about that HERE.

Apparently, an “anonymous” Twitter user passed information over to the BBC that highlighted Islamophobic posts from people who said they were members of the Conservative Party.

Here are a couple of examples:

A Conservative councillor allegedly said:

“Islam and slavery are partners in crime.”

That’s not Islamophobic, that’s Islamofactual. Slavery is allowed in Islam, taking women as sex slaves is ok in Islam. Pointing out the truth is not hate.

Here’s another example the BBC published. Apparently, it’s from an independent parish councillor who helped Boris Johnsons Mayoral campaign seven years ago.

“Islam is THE religion of hate (sic)” and “Muslims hate = free speech (sic).”

Again nothing Islamophobic, it’s Islamofactual to state that Islam is a hateful religion because it discriminates and allows for the persecution of Non-Muslims. It’s also a fact that Muslims hate people exercising their right to freedom of speech. Exposing Islamic texts as the backward totalitarian imperialist supremacist nonsense that it is, is again not hateful, it’s just the truth.

No Context – Why Is That?

There were other postings like “Muslim scum” and “I don’t want Muslims in this country” but the BBC has failed to provide any “context” to those posts in their article.

Anyone would think that the BBC want MP’s to adopt a definition of Islamophobia proposed by the Muslim Council of Britain?

Hope Not Hate dutifully helped the Muslim Brotherhood when they conducted a poll about Conservative Party members. Hope Not Hate conveniently omitted the fact that some Muslim members of parliament work closely with the MCB – a proxy of the Muslim Brotherhood. We produced an article about that HERE.

People should be concerned about some Muslim MP’s, especially when they have links to various Islamist groups across the world.

Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration

The Muslim Brotherhood and it’s many politically active proxies work towards subverting democracy by using democracy against itself, call it a bloodless coup if you will. ISIS wants a worldwide caliphate where Islam dominates and subjugates the masses. The Muslim Brotherhood has the same aim; it just “tempers” its murderous inclinations and seeks to destroy democracy from within. It’s only the method of getting there where they tend to differ.

If you want to know more about the Muslim Brotherhood and how it has tentacles that reach into our Armed Forces, then click HERE.

We don’t want or need the Muslim Brotherhood or its many proxies defining Islamophobia. If they succeed, then Islam will have a blasphemy law enshrined into the United Kingdoms legal system.

That would be a big win for Islam, and a crushing defeat for democracy and freedom of speech.

Don’t let that happen. Write to your MP’s after looking at the articles and the links that we have provided for you. Vote for MP’s who would vote down the Islamophobia proposal, your freedom of speech depends on it.

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