The Virtuous, Vulgar, Violent – FAR-LEFT – ATTACKS ON O.A.P’s

by TR News

During Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K., the far left have been dishing out “social justice” to old age pensioners whos views they disagree with.



Donald Trump’s deplorable army of supporters have caused a real stir, union and labour backed protest groups are so unhinged, so enraged, so unbelievably intolerant. These far-left protest groups hide behind disingenuous mantras of peace, love, tolerance and inclusivity yet that could not be further from the truth.

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest and free assembly, that is enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights; even the radical left can spout their hatred and intolerance as long as they do not cross the bounds of incitement or violence.

We are not sure if they have ever paid attention to that legal requirement due to their actions. The left hide behind buzz words of peace, love, tolerance and inclusivity, however their appreciation and respect of diversity in thought is lacking. Their respect for others who hold opposing views appears to be non-existent.

That must mean those “buzz words” only apply to those who think as they do, which in the grand scheme of things means not thinking at all, it is all about following and repeating far-left scripture, sermonised by trade union despots from their communist pulpits.

As you can see in both of these videos, two elderly gentlemen were attacked in London by the oh so inclusive and tolerant left, why were they attacked?

Because they held opposing views to their own of course, they are Anti-Trump, the elderly gentlemen were not; therefore, they must have deserved to be bullied, pushed, beaten and called NAZI!

Let’s take a look at the lovely blonde woman in the video above; her hair has a beautiful Trump hue to it; however, that’s as far as we can go with her when it comes to beauty.

For all those far-left, safe space, trigger warning infantiles, we are of course talking about an “inner beauty” not an external one.

The woman in question is Siobhan Prigent; she was the one frothing at the mouth spitting “NAZI” at the semi-retired MAGA hat wearing grandfather, a hat that was knocked off his head by her “comrades”. As soon as he got decorated with a milk beverage, her face turned from contorted anger (or was it a face that resembled a pit bull licking urine off a nettle?) to absolute joy!

It’s the childish things that make the angry far-left so joyous, most probably still get tucked into bed at night by their parents.

Siobhan took to Twitter to apologise for her disgusting behaviour, however that Tweet seems to be missing from her Twitter profile now. We don’t know why that is?



It is self-evident, this vacuous excuse for a woman accepted that her behaviour was not acceptable, however, she blamed it on the semi-retired grandad who “got in her personal space” and due to her “menstruation”, she acted poorly.

Just examine those two points for a moment.

First of all, the video footage shows that it was her, not the elderly male who was entering “personal space”, secondly, if a man had said that any womans “menstruation” was the cause of her “madness” then no doubt so called feminists would have shouted “MISOGYNIST” at the top of their voices.

Sorry, Siobhan, you don’t get a “lefty feminist pass” here, YOU were the aggressor, YOU pushed into his personal space, blaming your reproductive cycle is terribly “MISOGYNISTIC” you hateful, disgusting misandrist.

The far-left always make a bee-line to become a victim, to excuse themselves from bad behaviour, that crap will not wash here Siobhan.



If however, the semi-retired grandfather called you a “fat cow” then that is out of order. You dear, are calorifically challenged!

Add that one to your list of “intersectional victim groups”.

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