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After the Police co-ordinated with extremists from the Muslim Defence League in order to wreak havoc upon the residents of Limeside Oldham, we have taken time to reflect and consider what happened that day.

Nobody can forget the pictures of fearful children crying, that image has made an indelible mark on the consciousness of every morally guided person in the UK, whether you support Tommy or not, the residents and their children did not deserve the visitation of Muslim extremists.

The Muslim extremists celebrated and rejoiced at their “success.”

Muslim Extremists Bragging About Their Visit To Limefields

Which is something we have come to expect from extremist followers of the “religion of peace.”

We have taken time to look at the relationship of the far-left with Muslim extremists, how they co-ordinate and help each other achieve shared goals. Its a strange love for sure; we assume its a matter of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Take a good look at these pictures of the only white, orange vest-wearing man in and amongst the Muslim extremists. He does look delighted to be there, doesn’t he?

Legal Observer

Legal Observer

You will notice the orange vest states that he is a “Legal Observer.”

Legal Observer

So what is a legal observer, what was he doing enjoying his time with a bunch of extremists?

We had our own “observers” in the area; they couldn’t help but notice the guy in the orange vest was happily smirking handing out leaflets to his extremist friends?

Let us introduce you to – Green & Black Cross, you can find them HERE.

They have two main offices, one in London; the other is in Manchester, you can find their Facebook page HERE and their Twitter page HERE.

Why have we introduced you to this “independent grassroots project?”

Their website states explicitly that – “GBC legal observers can be identified on actions by their orange hi-viz vests that say Legal Observer”, you will find that HERE.

Green & Black Cross

A “partner group” of Green & Black Cross is Netpol – who you can find HERE.

Partner Group – Netpol

The Netpol website also confirms the fact that Green & Black Cross legal observers use orange vests with “Legal Observer” emblazoned on them. You can find their article confirming this HERE.


Could it be possible we have identified the very people who were “responsible” for supporting Muslim extremists as they went into Limefields to throw rocks, scissors and whatever else they could find at parents and children attending a legitimate political campaign rally?

Could they have been handing out leaflets to help Muslim extremists carrying tools and missiles to throw at innocent people and children so they could evade arrest and charges brought against them? Are the leaflets found HERE?

Green & Black Cross

Who knows for sure, we have just carried out a little investigation of our own, the links and the screen captures speak for themselves.

The Green & Black Cross website states they “support struggles for social, economic and environmental justice” and that they “take inspiration from the Anarchist Black Cross and from the diverse skills and infrastructure built up over the last decade by elements of the environmental movement, such as The Camp for Climate Action (Climate Camp).”

If you want to know more about the Anarchist Black Cross Network and their support for anarchists to be militantly organised, feel free to click HERE.

The Green & Black Cross are radical-anarchistic eco-warriors who support “people from many backgrounds in their rebellions and protests.”

Green & Black Cross

For now the Green & Black Cross website states that it is in a “recuperation mode” however their helpline is still manned by a sister organisation – ACAB – (you would be forgiven for thinking it was an abbreviation for All Cops Are Bastards, because it does!) which is an abbreviation for Activist Court Aid Brigade; how amusing is that?

Linked to Green And Black Cross

You can find the ACAB website HERE, the facebook page HERE and the Twitter account HERE.

The far-left has always been in bed with Muslim extremists; we don’t see them stopping any time soon.

Vote for Tommy on the 23rd; we are sure he will raise all appropriate concerns regarding the unholy alliance of the radical left and radical Islam.

Before you leave this page, please take time to look at our other article which clearly provides an evidentiary, documented round up of what happened in Limeside Oldham. Please share the video far and wide, the public need to know because you wont find this reported on main-stream media sites.

Link – HERE

Vote Tommy!

The information contained in tis article is “contemperaneous” yet pretty damning, perhaps Greater Manchester Police would like to take a look at it, who knows it may save them some time and get some results? Then again, maybe not!


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