The Transgender Agenda Destroys Gender

by TR News
Boys Are Girls And Girls Are Boys

It has been revealed in an Equality and Human Rights Commission school guidance draft that the transgender agenda destroys gender.

It has come to light in a draft document that all-boys schools and all-girls schools should admit any transgendered pupil into a school of their choosing, even if the school does not align with the pupils “current” gender.

Social And Structural Engineering

It means that boys with male genitalia who identify as female could apply to a single-sex girl school as per the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) guidance. Any denial of this would be considered as being ‘direct gender reassignment discrimination’.

The draft guidance also addresses how transgendered pupils should be addressed and what pronouns would be acceptable when they are addressed. This inevitably would be the same kind of situation that Jordan Peterson has fought so very hard against in Canada, essentially it is a prelude to the compulsion of speech.

The draft document is called Trans pupils: guidance for schools in Scotland on the Equality Act 2010. It was acquired by the Telegraph and includes other insightful suggestions like how uniforms and changing rooms should be organised for trans students. It also makes suggestions on providing gender-neutral facilities such as toilets, showers, and changing rooms. All of these things should be installed in schools with trans boys and girls, so they are free to use single-sex facilities’ aligning with their gender identity’.

Women’s Campaigners Not So Happy

Woman’s Place UK co-founder Kiri Tunks told the Telegraph that:

‘This guidance shows what a mess we create when we conflate sex and gender. The EHRC seems very confused about the difference and this advice will just muddy the waters further. We are losing confidence in the EHRC’s ability to issue robust, practical advice on this question.’

Those who promote the transgender agenda have now challenged the issue of women being safe in specific facilities designed and managed around that ethos. Feminists and other women’s rights groups are starting to see the problems associated with the transgender agenda.

Kathleen Stock, a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, said that educational guidance should not be based on a:

“…usually transitory feeling. We have to remember that literally the only criterion of telling who is a trans child and who isn’t is that they say so. It’s based on a feeling. Moreover, it’s a feeling that we know most will grow out of. Assuming that there are good reasons to retain single-sex provision in certain schools, it’s incomprehensible that these reasons should be overridden in favour of a usually transitory feeling.”

The Insanity Of The Far-Left

Women’s rights are now being eroded, and feminists don’t like it. Feminists either have to take a good dose of their own equality medicine or battle to keep their hard-fought rights from men and boys with gender dysphoria. The intersectional far-left loons are well and truly out of the asylum running amock in our society. It’s a hungry snake and its about to devour its own tail.

Perhaps there is a novel solution to all of this intersectional gender-confused insanity. Those very few children and adults who suffer from the mental illness of gender dysphoria could attend schools and facilities specifically designed to cater to them, in the same way an all-girls school caters for just girls?

Time to get the popcorn out.

You can read more HERE and HERE.

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