The Traitorous Class Rebelled Against Democracy

by TR News

Yet again the traitorous class rebelled against democracy. A Parliamentary majority in the House Of Commons voted against a No Deal Brexit. But will that even matter?

Democracy dies when left-wing demagogues demand the Brexit referendum be ignored. The will of the British people who overwhelmingly voted to LEAVE the European Union have been misrepresented by politicians who supposedly “represent” them, that could soon change.

The Brexit Betrayal

In Britain, 406 constituencies voted to leave the European Union, only 242 constituencies voted to remain. The current sitting MP’s in the house yesterday voted to put a block on a “No Deal Brexit option”. Pro-European parliamentarians have yet again disrupted a Brexit transition from the EU with a small majority. The globalist cross-party remainers in the house do not care about representing the will of the people. Three years have passed since the Brexit referendum, and still, these pathetic political symbiotes can’t or won’t get anything done.

Boris Johnson has said that we will leave with or without a deal on the 31st of October. Boris is on record saying that being prepared for a “No Deal option” takes away a negotiating tool from the EU. The EU wants to keep us tied in so that our taxpaying pounds can keep their ineffectual, feckless bureaucracy running. The will of the people be damned, it’s now more about destroying Boris than it is about adhering to the policy of “losers consent”, or for that matter, honouring the will of the people.

No Deal Brexit Please

No Deal Brexit Please

Boris Isn’t Stupid

While the remoaners carry on whittling about a small majority victory tying the Prime Ministers hands, there is a much deeper political play going on it seems. Boris appears to have been playing 3D chess all along; there are hurdles and the odd occasional gamble along the way; however, Boris isn’t stupid. Boris has first called out the Labour Communist Leader Comrade Corbyn and said that if he is pushed into a General Election, he is willing to go down that road. That on its face could be nothing more than political posturing. Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act the prime minister must have the backing of at least two-thirds of the UK’s 650 MPs to call for an early general election. Boris will probably not get that backing even though the Labour party have repeatedly called for a general election after threatening a “vote of no confidence”. The Labour party are fully aware that political polls indicate any “Anti-Brexit Party” would lose 150 parliamentary seats v’s a “Leave Party”.

You can find that HERE.

Political plays by the Brexit opposition are hypocritical and ever-changing it seems, flip-flopping from one diatribe to another, they are a “moving target”. The Pan-Europeans in the British parliament have used every strategy at their disposal, even lawfare to change and disrupt a referendum result. Unfortunately for them, the latest case against Boris’s use of parliamentary prorogation was thrown out by Lord Doherty who said:

In my view, the advice given in relation to the prorogation decision is a matter involving high policy and political judgement. This is political territory and decision-making which cannot be measured against legal standards, but only by political judgements. Accountability for the advice is to parliament, and ultimately the electorate — not to the courts.”

You can find that HERE.

Still, the remoaners carry on with the use of lawfare, unhappy with his decision they are now going to appeal the case until, perhaps, they find a Judge who is more willing to provide them with a decision they want, a decision the globalist cabal wants.

The latest parliamentary bill to stop a “No Deal Brexit” now has to go through the House Of Lords to become legislation, this is perhaps where Boris’s gamble comes into play. Already Tory peers in the House of Lords are looking to “filibuster” the upper chamber with around 90 amendments to the House Bill. This means there’s a good chance Conservatives will run the clock out on the “No Deal Brexit Bill”, preventing it from being passed BEFORE prorogation.

You can read more about that HERE.

It looks like Boris is at the very least, playing the remoaning Anti-Brexit Pan-European symbiotes at their own game. They certainly don’t like it up em, but if you have to play dirty to honour the will of the people, then that’s a win for democracy and ultimately a loss for the bureaucratic fascistic demagogues of the European Union.

Time will tell if that plays out or not.

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