The Swedish State Legally Abducts Children

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Sweden - Child Abductors

A Russian Christian removed his three daughters from a Muslim foster home and fled to Poland. The Swedish state legally abducts children.

Sweden Or Stalingrad?

When people think of Sweden, people conjure images of saunas, IKEA, meatballs, ice hotels, coffee culture and the majestic beauty of the Northern Lights. Little do people know, Sweden is also known for state-sponsored child abduction.

Denis Lisov, a Russian man, left his homeland with his wife and child in 2012 to make a better life in Sweden. Sweden is renowned for its openness, tolerance and its egalitarian political philosophy, which is perhaps why it attracts so many immigrants, well that and it’s reputation for having a generous welfare system. Denis and his wife Tatiana had two more children while residing in Sweden and found some difficulties trying to obtain a residency permit. During these difficult times, Denis found work, an illegal construction job, his wife stayed at home to look after the three girls, but it wasn’t that easy. Denis, Tatiana and the girls had to move every now and then to avoid deportation.

During the stresses of maintaining illegal employment and the constant need to avoid deportation Tatiana became ill, she got diagnosed with a mental illness, and she was prescribed medication. As it turned out, Tatiana never took the medication, and her condition appeared to worsen, exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia. It was at this point the Swedish state decided to take Denis’s three young girls away from him and placed them in foster care. Denis was in a terrible situation because he didn’t have any financial security and he was an “illegal”. The three girls were sent to a Muslim couple from Lebanon who had the training to be foster parents.

Abducting Your Own Kids

Just imagine for a moment Denis’s situation, sure being in Sweden illegally was a choice that he made, a choice that affected his family, albeit for a “better life” that never seemed to arrive. His wife has a severe mental illness unable to look after the children who were then taken away from him by the Swedish state and put in the care of a Muslim couple ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SIX MILES AWAY! The Swedish state said that Denis could not adequately look after his children and immediately assumed the role as the girl’s guardian. Denis was only able to see his girls for six-hours a week, which usually meant visits happened during the weekend.

Imagine the pain, stress and the suffering a father would be going through at this time. His children were taken away, his wife was mentally ill, and social services told him he needed to divorce his wife, become the sole legal custodian of his girls, have a full-time job, secure housing, and only then he could have his girls back. The man was in a desperate situation. The Swedish state abducted his girls and placed them hundreds of miles away in the care of foster parents who come from a totally different cultural and religious background.

Denis visited his girls, and they told him they did not want to stop with the Lebanese Muslim couple because their parenting habits were “different” to what they were used to. Denis did what any desperate father would have done in the same situation; he fled with his children and travelled to Poland. Had he tried to “stick it out” in Sweden there was a genuine possibility his daughters would have reached an age where they were no longer considered to be minors, the legalities of the case could have taken that long.

Denis With Two Of His Daughters

Denis With Two Of His Daughters

State-Sponsored Child Kidnapping

Although Denis made it clear that he and his girls were not happy living with a Lebanese Muslim couple, he said his girls were treated well by them. He also said they were not radical Islamists of any stripe which says a lot about his character, he could have inflamed the situation out of sheer desperation, but he chose not to. When Denis arrived in Poland, he bought tickets to fly back out to Russia, but he got arrested at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport. The Swedish government issued an international warrant for Denis for the charge of “kidnapping” his own children, and demanded his extradition.

If Denis were to be found guilty in Sweden, he could have faced four years imprisonment. Four years for taking his own children out of a country that could not support him and a wife too mentally ill to look after them. It’s as if the Swedish state wanted to keep the children in an unhappy foreign environment?

Polska Pride Not Prejudiced

The Polish Government were now in a position where they had to consider Sweden’s request for extradition. Denis’s wife, still ill, remained in Swedish care, by this time Denis had officially separated from her. While in Poland Denis retained custody of his three girls and the Russian consulate provided him with an apartment while an international legal fight was in full swing. Due to Denis’s illegal status, he was unable to work even in Poland which frustrated him more because he was unable to pay for the medical attention one of his daughters needed, she was predisposed to develop bronchial asthma. However, Polish authorities made sure her healthcare needs were resolved.

Denis Lisov's Attorney

Denis Lisov’s Attorney

In July this year a Polish Court declined to hand Denis and his girls over to the Swedish Government, the judge said he had:

“…been placed in an otherwise unresolvable impasse because his children were taken away from him, and the conditions for their return were impossible to fulfil.”

Denis’s attorney said:

“There is no law in Poland that provides a basis for convicting a father who has not been stripped of his parental rights because he took his children from strangers.”

While in Poland Denis did try to claim political asylum, but he was denied, on November 1st news broke that Denis and his three girls would return to Russia, his attorney said:

“Poland helped — they protected [the family] from the Swedish government. Naturally, Denis can’t keep relying on charities forever; he has to think about his children, and his whole family is in Russia”.

Presiding over the case Judge Janeta Seliga-Kaczmarek said:

“The children have a very strong bond with the father, and when I talked to them they told me that they want to stay with their father and love him and do not want to be separated from him”

Sweden has earned a bit of a reputation for state-sponsored child abduction. In 2010 a young boy was forcibly taken from his parents by Swedish officials, there was no warrant, no crime, the Swedish Government just didn’t like the idea of him being home-schooled!

You can read more about that HERE.

Back in 2011, a report came out exposing the extent to which children in foster care were being abused.

You can read more about that HERE.

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