The Story Of A Rape Gang Survivor

by TR News

The tragic stories of children and women who have survived grooming gangs need to be heard — The Story Of A Rape Gang Survivor.

A Tweet Of Desperation

A few days ago, we picked up on a tweet that shocked us to our very core. A Twitter account known as TelfordVictim posted that social services took her daughter away. Apparently for her own protection because she spoke out about being groomed by a Pakistani child-rape grooming gang. Anyway, she also told the online world that her daughter, who is “in care”, got abused while being “in care”.

Rachel’s Twitter Post

So the background is pretty simple, a victim of a child-rape grooming gang had her daughter taken away by social services, she was put in care, and now her little girl has been abused. This statement set the internet alight, people from all over the world replied with condemnation, disgust and despair.

Rightly so.

TR.News reached out to her so we could hear her side of the story. A woman, who has been let down by social services is now fighting them to get her daughter back.

Before we go into the interview itself, we need to be clear. What we discussed with this woman was not only difficult, complex and emotionally challenging; it was eye-opening. Suffice to say it was a rare and candid insight into the world of a survivor who had been abused from the age of seven. We struggled while listening to her story; however, that being said, we recognised how “normal” this conversation seemed to her. It was either a “normalised” story of childhood and adolescent abuse, or it was an account of a woman who has nothing left to lose, a woman who has fronted her demons and bravely decided the time is right to speak out.

It could be a mixture of both. What we do know is that when someone has nothing left to lose, that person cannot be bullied, coerced or intimidated any more. For the purpose of this interview, we will call the interviewee Rachel and the interviewer Mike.

This interview took place on the day of the tweet. Rachel (otherwise known on Twitter as TelfordSurvivor and now TelfordVictim) is mixed race; she has a white mother and a Sikh Indian father. She told her solicitor about her intention to have us publish her story. We have protected the identities of everyone involved for legal reasons. She wanted everyone to know that.

Be warned; this story is disturbing, so reader discretion is required.

This interview is her story, in her own words.

So on with the interview….

Mike – Hi Rachel I believe you were expecting my call, my name is Mike, and I work for Tommy Robinson and TR.News.

Rachel – Hello, you alright?

Mike – I’m not too bad, how are you faring?

Rachel – Oh, not too good to be honest; my head is killing.

Mike – I’m so sorry to hear about what’s gone on.

Rachel – I just don’t know what to do with myself literally, I’m not getting any support even though social services know that I have found out today they haven’t even contacted me or anything and it’s like….. it’s just….I just don’t know whats going on.

Mike – I’m so sorry, I’m going to try, in my limited capacity, to help you. And if that means getting your story out there, that’s what I will do, if you want me to do that? That is a decision for you to make. What are your thoughts on that?

Rachel – I can’t keep quiet no more, I’ve kept quiet now for over two years and the stuff that I’ve been through and everything else, and now this has happened to my little girl I just can’t keep quiet no more. I’ve had people publish stuff before and then at the last minute I’ve backed out, but this time it’s different it’s my little girl.

Mike – This is soul-destroying, it really is.

Rachel – It’s killing me mate it really is, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Mike – Well listen, if TR.News can help in any way we will do; we want to help people like you if we can. We are not experts; we are not professionals in the field of law or mental health, but we know people who are. We can always get peoples stories out there if they want us to do that. So anyway, let’s get some background on you, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what has happened to you, we think it’s important for people to hear your story.

Rachel – I started to get abused when I was seven years old, errrrm, by an uncle, he wasn’t Pakistani, he was a white man, errrm, then I got abused again when I was twelve by my mom’s boyfriend, that was a white lad, and at the same time, while I was getting abused at home, I started to get groomed on the streets by Pakistanis. My uncle and my mom’s boyfriend did interfere with me; they never had penetrative sex with me. I lost my virginity at the age of twelve to a Pakistani rapist who was known to rape young girls; he served time in prison for child rape; he left the country when I told the police about what he and his brother did to me, he fled to Pakistan with his brother. Then he came back to the UK. By the time I was thirteen I was pregnant, at the age of fourteen I gave birth, I got my son now he’s still here with me, he’s twenty-one now. A couple of years ago a piece come out in the Mirror (newspaper), and errrm, it was about Lucy and Becky from Telford, and reading it, it just….they were my mates like. And reading about them being groomed and everything else that just made me realise that had happened to me too you know.

***It was at this point of the conversation Rachel started to become more and more upset***

Mike – It’s ok take your time, don’t rush. If you ever want to stop just tell me and we will stop, ok?

Rachel – No, its ok errrm, well after reading that article, I think the next day I rang the police. They were working on operation……well I’m not sure, they were working on some kind of operation in Telford at the time. They (the police) came out to see me, and I wrote out a list, and I gave them a list of over a hundred girls names that I thought could have been a victim of grooming and errrm, I gave them a list of men’s names, probably a hundred and fifty – two hundred men that could have done it to them (the girls) in Telford. The police they went to these girls, and they told them that I had given over their names and I didn’t give them (the police) permission to do that.

Mike – That’s so wrong.

Rachel – They went, and they started telling the girls “oh Rachel told us you have been groomed”. Some of them were still friends, well they still are friends with the Pakistani lads, so they grassed on me. That put my life in danger, and then Telford NAGAH (the national anti-grooming alliance helpline), I got in touch with them, and they helped me and stuff. I had to leave the country for so many weeks; they tried getting me help and getting me protection. They tried getting me moved, they done loads of stuff for me, but they were getting nowhere. In the end, they said the only way I’m going to get safe is by making myself homeless, so I went to the council in Aberystwyth, I got on the train to Aberystwyth with my kids and made myself homeless to them, NAGAH paid for a B&B for me and my kids while I was sorting stuff out, they also paid for my train tickets. I’ve moved about thirteen times in just over two years. I moved to Wales first. The police gave social services my address who then gave that to my daughter’s old school in Telford, there’s people that work at that school who know grooming gang members, people who raped me as a kid. So that alarmed me straight away, so I had to move because the school obviously had my new address, there were people working there who could get access to that information. I’ve got a complaint in with the police at the moment about everything they let me down on, you know, them not protecting me, them giving out my name to girls who I named and stuff. There’s loads of complaints I’ve got in about them over loads of stuff……

Mike – Its ok take your time

Rachel – I’ve had hardly any help from police or social services, I’ve had to do everything myself. I’ve had to raise money on gofundme’s and stuff to get things like a removal van to move my stuff, and money to help me with hotels and stuff for overnights because my life has been in danger and I haven’t been able to get safe. The police haven’t helped. So yeah, because I was moving around and I had been backwards and forwards to Egypt (to get away), I wasn’t getting protected, social services decided they were going to take my daughter off me. They took her for her own protection because they wasn’t protecting me like, the police wasn’t.

Mike – Sorry I have to ask, but didn’t the police put you under a witness protection programme or anything like that? Did they even offer it to you?

Rachel – No, they only gave me a panic alarm for my house when I first spoken out. When I was in Egypt, my house got burgled, they caught the girl who burgled my house but not till much later. Basically, she unplugged the panic alarm box which made the panic alarm go off, my house got burgled between five and six o’clock in the evening, and my sister went to my house the next day at half-past two, and that’s when she realised that my house had been broken into. I’ve got three missed calls on my mobile in Egypt from the alarm company; they hadn’t sent no police or nothing to my house to even check on me. So that alarm was going off from five – six o’clock on the nighttime until the backup battery went dead.

Mike – Did you make the police aware you were going to Egypt to get away?

Rachel – No, I didn’t, so for all they knew I could have been at home, and they didn’t send anyone. So what else is there? Errrm, you can ask people at NAGAH about everything they helped me with, they just couldn’t get nowhere, they were emailing the police, the council, everybody like, they couldn’t believe it themselves literally. Oh what else has happened, errrm, oh yeah, I spoke to the police (about the groomers) a couple of the lads ran off to Pakistan. A couple of them were arrested, one of the lads who was arrested, he paid a girl to lie about me and say that I took her to Egypt and groomed her, I never groomed her. She was over eighteen; this girl was; she was my son’s friend. She gone into the town and met a lad and she decided to ring and meet him by the bar near our hotel. She ended up sleeping with him willingly and ended up pregnant. So the Pakistani lad who got arrested used her to make up a story that I had sold her and stuff like that while I was in Egypt to discredit me. Then people started to call NAGAH making up lies about me, saying that I had been caught out lying and stuff like that. NAGAH obviously knew they were lying because they know me, they know all about me.

Mike – So there was a concerted effort by members of the grooming gang to make up lies about you, to discredit you?

Rachel – Yes, absolutely, that’s exactly what happened. Rumours started to spread around that I was grooming young girls. I have a twenty-one-year-old son who is gay; he’s half Pakistani, and he hangs around a lot of girls, he gets on better with girls than lads, that’s just the way it is like. So obviously he brings his mates round to hang out and stuff, so the girls hanging around my house weren’t being groomed at all, they were my boy’s friends, but some people added one plus one and somehow got to the answer of three. I didn’t get any girls to do anything, but the rumours continued. They (the Pakistani groomers) proper set me up, they paid the girl to lie about me, she told me they paid her three grand, and I also know they got her hooked on smack (heroin), so she was totally under their control. One Pakistani bloke was even going to CSE meetings and told lies saying that he brought this girl back from Egypt, he hadn’t brought her back she already had her ticket booked to come back, she came back on the ticket that was already booked and paid for, he didn’t pay for her flight back. He made out like he saved her, I think even NAGAH can see that now. So because of these lies and because I have had to move around for my own safety, this is why the police took my little girl away from me. The rumours even went as far as saying I was selling my own son. The police contacted my son, got him out the house late at night and asked him if I was making him do stuff for money, like I was pimping him out. My son is a victim of grooming so when they (the police) did that I got really upset, that was heartbreaking for me, and for my son.

Mike – Unbelievable, oh my god.

Rachel – Like I said my son is gay, so he has his friends round and I have had male friends round, the friends I have had round my house have never touched any of my son’s girlfriends, they are not like that, so why would people start saying shit like that about me and my son? It was all about discrediting me, and it worked, it made me mental, I wasn’t myself, everything was messed up they just wrecked my life, and the police didn’t want to protect me at all. I mean when that panic alarm set off and I missed three calls while I was in Egypt, why didn’t the police go to my property and check it out? What’s the use of a panic alarm if they don’t act on it?

I’ve been in Telford and the Pakistani lads, when I first spoke out, they paid me to go abroad, they wanted me to live out there and keep my mouth shut and not tell anyone what was going on. And errrm, I realised they were kinda like grooming me again, but this time as an adult. They were manipulating me, bullying me, controlling me by trying to get me to live in another country when that wasn’t what I wanted. That day when I got took to the airport, the guy who was driving the car, he got flashed (by a speed camera) on the motorway. I was waiting in the airport with the lad (one of the groomers) who took me and my daughter, he must be on their surveillance, he handed me an envelope of cash to go away he also made the lady from easyjet cry because she made a mistake with my five suitcases of luggage. The police have never ever listened to me like, they just don’t believe what I’m saying to them, even though I have got messages on my phone, you know I can prove things that I say, and the police just wouldn’t listen to me. There’s so much that has gone one it’s unbelievable like.

Mike – Ok, so let’s just go back a little here. How old were you when a Pakistani gang groomed you?

Rachel – I was groomed from the age of twelve, and I was being abused by my mom’s white boyfriend at the time. And they (Pakistani groomers) approached me on the streets and stuff.

Mike – So when did the sexual grooming and abuse end with the Pakistani gang?

Rachel – You know what, it ended when I read that Mirror article that day because it was only then I realised what had happened to me was what happened to Lucy and Becky.

Mike – So did you think that this sexual abuse and grooming was “normal” behaviour up until then?

Rachel – Yeah because when I was seven my uncle interfered with me, and because I was taken to my aunt and uncles house a lot I just accepted that as being normal, I was too young to realise. I didn’t tell my teacher about my mom’s boyfriend interfering with me until a few weeks after giving birth to my son; I was fourteen years and two months of age at that time. The abuse was just a normal part of life for me. Another thing that pisses me off, I’ve got my son, he is half Pakistani, his dad could be one of five men, they (the police) took my sons DNA, and I rang them up, probably about six months ago now and I said to them did you ever check my sons DNA against any of the potential people (groomers) who could be his father? They told me they hadn’t done that because my son never gave them permission to do that. I said hang on, I seen you take a swab of his DNA, so why haven’t you checked? Telford police drove down to Bristol to take his DNA because that’s where we were living at that time. If your taking his DNA isn’t that permission enough for you to find out who his father is? My son is living proof, and they (the police) haven’t bothered to check, that’s why the Pakistanis have caused that much shit for me because they know I’ve got my son. They know that one of them is gonna get done, whichever one gets done it still proves that the others done it, because I don’t know who my son’s father is.

Mike – So to clarify, even to this day the police have not cross-referenced your sons DNA to the Pakistani groomers?

Rachel – No. The things that have happened are mad literally. They (Pakistani groomers) set fire to my mom’s bungalow; they spray painted all of the bungalow. I don’t know what they spray-painted because my mom won’t tell me what it was. They even went to her bungalow looking for me and beat her up, blacked her eyes and everything. She’s an old woman, do you know what I mean? They even tried to run my mum and her husband off the road; they deliberately swerved into them while driving to cause a crash and to intimidate them. At that time, I fled to Egypt because I knew they were looking for me. Also, they used to stop my mom in the street saying what the fuck is she playing at, why is she being a grass? My mom had to bite her tongue and just drive away and ignore them, and my moms not like that shes quite mouthy if you know what I mean? They’ve done loads of stuff to me and my mom. And the police haven’t done anything about whats happened to my mom, they basically said that they think we’ve done that to my mom’s house so that I can move, but that made no sense, I was already in temporary accommodation, and nothing happened to my house which was just round the corner at that time. Why would I beat up my mom and set fire to the bungalow and spray graffiti? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I wasn’t even in the country when she got beat up.

We have disguised the identity of Rachel’s mom, apart from her blackened eyes after she was attacked by the Pakistani grooming gang.

Mike – So have you had direct threats made against you?

Rachel – Yeah I’ve been threatened, I had errrm, had one man just walk straight into a flat I had only just moved into in Telford, I thought everything had died down and settled down, so I moved back there. I was decorating at the time; there were five or six of us there all doing different things painting and stuff, and he walks in, sits himself down on my sofa and started to make a spliff, I just froze, I just thought what the fuck are you doing here, I just didn’t know what to do with myself. And obviously my son, he was there and his friends, they knew who he was and everything, so they kept coming in the room to make sure I was ok. About a week or so after he told me to kill myself before he killed me. Then I had all my windows smashed in my house; money was raised for me online for me to go. I went to Lincoln from Telford after that. I had my bedroom windows smashed in, and I had a panic alarm during that time as well, the police station was only a two-minute drive from my house, and the police never got there for close to hour. I’ve got videos of me talking to the police where they are telling me I need cameras putting round my house and higher alarms and stuff or to even be moved, then the next day the police are saying they can’t move me? What gets me is that when I was sixteen there’s a place called Manor Heights, it’s a big block of flats in Hadley, there was a twenty-four-hour surveillance on Manor Heights on all the Pakistanis because they were drug dealing, they were getting us girls and that to sell stuff for them, and errm, I never got arrested for anything to do with that, but a lot of people said errrm, that got arrested, that I was on some of the surveillance that the police had got, so I mentioned this to the police. I asked them to look back on their surveillance because they were watching them 24/7, so police watched them lot groom us and rape us, they seen that happening, but they did nothing. It was when I spoke out about that; everything changed with the police; it was just fucking bullshit; it was so wrong.

Mike – Do you believe there were systemic failures within the police force?

Rachel – Well yeah. You know what they even tried doing? I was homeless, and I got threats, and that and they (the police) knew I was back at my mom’s, I couldn’t stay there because they beat her up already. I went up to the council place in the town centre, it was in a library actually, but the council were in the library. So I told them I was homeless, I had nowhere to go, I needed their help. I told them I wasn’t leaving until something got sorted out. They rang the homeless; homeless were ringing the police, police were saying that I’m ok and that I wasn’t in danger and I don’t need to be moved even though Id had all these things happen to me and the police come and got me out of the library at the end of the night, and they said they were going to help me and put me up somewhere. I ended up sleeping outside the police station because the sergeant kicked me out of the reception area telling me I was mental, I was so scared, and I had nowhere else to go.

There’s so much that has happened, and not everything is coming to me right now. I was even took to the police station by one of my rapists; I have a photo of him standing outside the station, he took me there and told me to tell them I was lying about what happened to me, I refused to get out of the car, so in the end, he’s walked back to the car and drove off, and nobody believes me, even though I’ve got photos and dates of when that happened, why doesn’t anyone believe me? Look I know that people take a risk trying to help me because of the Pakistani lads paying that girl to lie about me being involved in grooming her, because that’s a bad thing to be accused of. This lie has stopped people from helping me, or at least its made people think twice about helping me, do you know what I mean? I need someone to help me because I’m not a liar, I know what’s happened to me, I know I’ve never ever groomed anyone, I’ve never sold anyone not even friends. Becky, my friend Becky, and I put this story in the papers, she was raped, she was with me in Manchester, but I was raped that night, but nothing was said about me being raped by the same man who raped her in the morning. I got the blame for Becky being raped because I was older. Yes, I was older, but I never knew that was going to happen to her. I’ve got mates that are older than me, and I don’t blame them for what happened to me, I blame the men who did it. There were some of us who were a couple of years older, but we can’t blame each other when they groomed us and done that to us.

Mike – Is it that, when a girl has been groomed from such a young age you can’t really differentiate right from wrong because this grooming is just normal to you, a normal way of life?

Rachel – Yeah, that’s right, yeah. Listen, my son’s mates come round, and its summer like, and they are wearing short shorts and belly tops and that, I’ve made them wear my tops to go home later at night because I’ve been worried about what’s going to happen to them, because I’ve grown up in Telford, and I know what I went through as a young girl. Then I have a young girl who was supposed to be a friend of my son who has been paid by the Pakistanis to lie about me; who’s dad is best friends with one of the Pakistani’s, its just mental.

Mike – Ok, so lets fast forward to what’s happened to you recently, about what’s happened to your little girl. You have a twenty-one-year-old son who lives with you….

Rachel – Oh yeah yeah, let me just tell you something else. I have three other kids. Their Pakistani dad took them off me because I wasn’t Muslim enough to bring up the kids. He just won’t let me have my kids back. He was keeping the kids because he thought I was going to go back to him.

Mike – So the three other kids all have the same dad?

Rachel – Yeah.

Mike – Was he one of the groomers?

Rachel – Well they say he groomed me because I was fifteen at the time I got with him, and he was a couple of years older, I don’t know, I don’t know. What I do know is when I was fighting for my kids, fighting him in court, he invited me round on Eid, he made out I could go and see the kids, and when I got there, the kids were in bed, and he raped me. And errm, I left the house, I rang Abdul, and straight away he picked me up and took me to the police station. There must have been DNA on my clothes. The police didn’t do anything because the CPS decided I could be making it up because he’s got my kids. So he’s got my two sons, and my daughter lives with his mom, she doesn’t even live with him. He doesn’t look after her; she lives with his mom.

Mike – Do you get to see the kids much?

Rachel – Well no, I had to walk away because they were making the kids believe I was evil; it was horrible what they were putting the kids through. He used to hit me in front of the kids; then the kids would start screaming. I just had to walk away for them. I know a lot of people won’t understand that, but I do because I went through it. I walked away for them. I had to; I had no choice. It was hurting them too much. I had the court case which was seriously affecting my mental health, and he wouldn’t bring the kids to see me totally going against what the court had ordered, but he wasn’t getting into trouble for it.

Mike – Ok so you went through the family court, so what was the outcome of the case?

Rachel – I gave up. Basically, I had enough. He raped me; he beat me, I had a miscarriage after he raped me on boxing day. I had court after that, and I just had enough, I couldn’t cope. I said to him I can’t do this any more; it’s not fair on my kids with what you are doing. I have to think of my other daughter; the one social services took off me, I have to think about my own mental state as well. I left the kids with him, and when they are old enough, I will approach them. He was supposed to send me updates, and if ever the kids wanted to contact me, he was supposed to allow that to happen, but he was never going to allow that to happen. He never brought them half of the time to the contact, I even sent letters to my kids, I never got a reply, so eventually, I stopped doing that. When I left him, he drove me that mad, he cheated on me, treated me like a slave, clean his house, and I ended up drinking, I’m not going to lie, so I was a total mess at the time, I wasn’t at my best.

Mike – It takes a brave person to say that and admit all this.

Rachel – Honestly, I don’t know how I’m not a full-blown crack head. I really don’t know. I have cans in the house now, and it would be easy for me to crack them open, but because I know how depressed I am, I won’t drink. I know my mind isn’t right, even now, what I do know is that I need to get my daughter back.

A letter for Rachel from her daughter
A picture for Rachel from her daughter
A birthday card for Rachel from her daughter

Mike – Ok so let’s get back to your daughter, we noticed a tweet you put out recently which drew our attention, so tell us what has happened there?

Rachel – So my daughter, she was taken away from me the day before her sixth birthday. She was screaming, crying and didn’t want to go. I was in Egypt at the time because I cracked the front of my knee, so I wasn’t supposed to fly back. My son had brought her back over (from Egypt) because obviously their tickets were paid for and I couldn’t afford to keep us all out there and pay for new flight tickets back while I was recovering from a knee injury.

Mike – So your son flew back from Egypt with her?

Rachel – Yes, and they went back to my moms to stay there for just a few days. My mom had been beaten up obviously only a few weeks earlier, so because of that, they said it wasn’t safe for my daughter to stay at my mom’s, so they took her. I come back from Egypt within a couple of days, even though I shouldn’t have because of my injury, I was in pain, on crutches and everything. When I flew back into the country, I had court on the Monday, and they wouldn’t give her back to me.

Mike – You went to Egypt to get away, you took your son and your little girl, you had an accident that required medical attention, you couldn’t fly back with them when you were booked to return because of the injury and because of the situation of your mom, they took your daughter away?

Rachel – Well, I had another girl living with me; she was on holiday with us. She went back with my son and my daughter at the same time on the same flight.

Mike – So how old would your son have been at that time?

Rachel – He would have been nineteen years old at the time, so my daughter didn’t go back with minors, the issue was that they went back to my moms who was beaten up weeks earlier. Why did they (the police and social services) take my daughter so quickly? They could have got my son and my daughter temporary accommodation until I got back? I got back only a few days later. I remember getting a call from my son crying, telling me they had taken my little girl. I rang social services straight away to find out what’s going on; they told me I needed to get legal representation and get a solicitor to contact them. That’s how it went, and I had to go court on that Monday. I mean I wasn’t even supposed to be back in the country because of cracking my knee, I was in so much pain, it hurt, and I couldn’t sit down very well on the plane, but I flew back as soon as I could.

Mike – So how long has your daughter been kept from you now?

Rachel – Well my daughter is going to be eight next month, so its been nearly two years. I have had some contact with her while she has been in their care, but I haven’t had contact since December last year. Social services have cocked up; they didn’t follow the court order, so I had to go back to court, that was today. I got granted legal aid because social services never stuck to the last court order.

Mike – What were the reasons given by social services for keeping your daughter? Especially given the fact that you got back into the UK as soon as you could, you had your own place, and you have an older son who is old enough and able to look after her?

Rachel – I didn’t have my own place at that time, but we had got it all planned out for me to go to Bournemouth council. Once I come back, well actually my mom had already got it arranged to go there on that Monday with my son and daughter. My mom was leaving Telford as well because of what happened to her. This happened only because, like an idiot, I injured my knee badly. So this was arranged and planned to happen on the Monday, they took my daughter only a few days before.

Mike – Did your mom tell the police and social services that you and her already made plans to take your little girl to Bournemouth?

Rachel – Yes.

Mike – So despite all of that, they still took your daughter?

Rachel – Yes. They said it was because I never gave them a definite answer when I was going to be flying back from Egypt. I hurt my knee badly. I told them I had to go back to the doctors in two weeks; then they were going to x-ray me again and let me know whether or not I could fly back. So I told them I don’t know when I’m going to be flying back, that is what made them take my daughter away, because I couldn’t give them a definite answer when I was flying back. They made it out as though I had abandoned my little girl; they made out I was so bad. How could I have abandoned her when she was with her adult brother and my mom, and we had made arrangements to move into a safe area?

Mike – This all happened because you went to Egypt, to get away, and hurt your knee?

Rachel – Yes. And then because that Pakistani lad paid that girl to lie about me, saying that I had groomed her. She ended up getting pregnant while we were in Egypt previously, her statement against me impacted on the reason behind them taking my daughter as well. Because I’ve had to move around a lot as well, that was another thing that went against me and gave them a reason to take my daughter. Oh, they also said she hadn’t been in school, but this was mainly during the six week and easter holidays, so she didn’t have that much time out of school, all things considered, if you think about it kids have had more time off school because of coronavirus. It wasn’t like when I was moving I never tried to get her into school, I always did, I have proof. The problem was each time I was getting applications sent to schools I was getting found by these Pakistani groomers, or my address was given out, so id have to move straight away and not take the chance, it was really difficult.

Mike – You have referred to this girl who went on holiday with you a couple of times, the girl who was paid to lie about you. Can you tell us anything more about her?

Rachel – Ok so this is what happened with her. She got pregnant, we come back from Egypt, and she told me she was having my son’s baby.

Mike – But I thought your son is gay?

Rachel – Yes he is, but they did sleep together, he thought he loved her, but he didn’t love her in that way. She said the baby was my sons. But I knew she had slept with another lad while we were in Egypt, the lad’s name was Mango. I worked it out myself how far gone she was, and the timing of it didn’t add up with my son, it did add up when I looked back at the time she slept with Mango on holiday. I can’t say for 100% that it was his baby because I wasn’t with her all of the time and certainly not in the same room as her all of the time. Now shes had the baby; the baby does look like the lad she slept with on holiday. Anyway, then all of a sudden, the baby isn’t my sons. Then she gets with another boy who was already in a relationship while we were living at a hostel in Bristol. I went mad at her because she was pregnant at the time. I told her to calm the fuck down. She did this while she was pregnant; I told her she shouldn’t be sleeping around like that. Anyway, she ended up going back to Telford with this lad. That same night I had a message saying they sold my address for three grand. So she and her new boyfriend sold my hostel address in Bristol to the Pakistani’s. That’s why I left and went to Egypt, and that’s the time I injured my knee on a marble step by the swimming pool. That’s how I cracked my knee. Because the Pakistani lads found out they also used her to make that lie up about me, about grooming her. They knew she wanted the money, she takes smack and stuff like that so they owned her because she needed money and drugs.

Mike – And she was your son’s friend?

Rachel – Yes, she’s been through a lot in life, she had been in foster care and that. She used to run away from foster care and visit me at my home. When the police used to come round asking where she was I’d tell them yes shes here, if she wasn’t at mine i’d tell them she wasn’t at my home, id always let the police in to come and check. At one point she was living with me as a child, then her mom and dad started going loopy and got her put back into care, while she was in care she very nearly got groomed, I told her that she needed to keep away from the Pakistanis. It sounds daft me saying that because if I was to get with someone, it probably would be a Pakistani, that’s just how my mind works, maybe I’m stupid.

Mike – Well, not every Pakistani is a groomer, there’s a lot who are, way too many in fact, and you can’t assume all Pakistanis are the same.

Rachel – Exactly, well, it was a white man who groomed and abused me first. And when I warn young girls, I warn them because of my experiences with Pakistani men, there’s a lot of Pakistani groomers out there, a hell of a lot, more than people know.

Rachel received this information from her solicitor

Mike – So now that we have your background, highlighted some of your experiences and what has happened to your daughter, tell us what reasons have social services given to you that justifies keeping your daughter in care?

Rachel – They say shes at risk.

Mike – Is that because of the groomers?

Rachel – I’m guessing so. There’s no risk of harm to her from me.

Mike – You went to court today about your daughter, tell us what happened there?

Rachel – Basically that was just done over the phone, my sister sent me a letter from my daughter’s therapists. In this email letter, it basically says that another child has been naked in bed with my daughter kissing, and this has happened seven or eight times.

Mike – Jesus, and this is the first time you have heard about it?

Rachel – Yeah.

Mike – Do you know how old this other kid is?

Rachel – No, I don’t, that’s what is doing my head in. It wasn’t even a boy; it’s supposed to be a girl.

Mike – So to be clear, you have been told that your daughter has been abused sexually by another female child?

Rachel – Yes, that’s what I’ve been told, while they are in foster care. The foster carers have two girls (sisters) from other parents, and my daughter was living with them. They even left my daughter there at this house, with these kids and these foster parents after this happened.

Mike – Oh my god.

Part of the therapist’s report about Rachel’s daughter

Rachel – They moved my daughter during the coronavirus pandemic even though I haven’t been allowed to see her or anything like that, errrm, now my daughter has tried to kiss the daughter of her new foster carers and looked down her top. My daughter has also tried to kiss another girl she befriended across the road from her new foster placement; she obviously thinks this is normal behaviour. She is seven years old.

Mike – Has your daughter ever exhibited any kind of sexualised behaviour to you up until the age of six when she was taken from you?

Rachel – No, never, not ever. All this was only happening to her a few weeks back as far as I know. Shes never ever done anything like that. They asked the kids what they were doing, and the kids told them they were playing spin the wheel, kiss and strip. How the fuck have they been allowed to watch something like that in the foster parent’s place? What gets me is that they should have removed either my daughter or the other kids straight away, how was this allowed to happen seven or eight times? Why did they leave my daughter there? Why didn’t they tell me? Why have I only found out today after reading a fucking email only twenty minutes before I was on the phone to a judge at the court? Why? My daughter is with a new foster carer now, she’s been there a couple of months, so this happened at least a couple of months ago. I’ve only found out about this now through the therapists and my solicitor. I don’t know any exact details, all that’s happened is that I’ve read this report. Social services and the local authority are aware I have found out about this today, they haven’t rang me to discuss anything, I tried ringing the social worker, and she hasn’t been answering her phone, I want to know what’s going on. I just want my daughter back.


We spoke to Rachel again yesterday and have this update from her.

I was on a video meeting on Friday the 14th of August appearing to the court about my daughter. Its Thursday the 20th of August now and I still have not had a call from the social worker or social services in Telford about anything. I’m still no wiser to what’s happened, its been nearly a week, this is ridiculous, I’m so concerned for my little girl, I just want her back, I need help to get her back. To me it just feels like Telford social services are closing ranks and delaying things so they can get their story straight, this is unacceptable to me, its unacceptable to my daughter, it’s my legal right to know whats going on, I must know whats going on.

For reference – below are a number of  messages between Rachel’s son and his friend who lied about her “grooming” other children.

Text 1
Text 2
Text 3
Text 4
Text 5
Text 6
Text 7
Text 8
Text 9
Text 10
Text 11
Text 12
Text 13


For reference – Text messages between Rachel and a police officer about her mom and the girl who lied about her.

Text 1
Text 2
Text 3
Text 4
Text 5









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