The Rise Of Brexiteers And Deplorables

by TR News

There’s no better time to remind political establishments about the reasons behind the rise of Brexiteers and Deplorables.

We Want Our Country Back!

Economic stagnation and decay, matters of sovereignty, the systemic destruction of Western culture, the cancer of political correctness and political demagoguery pushing race-based/identitarian politics have been significant factors that gave rise to the birth of populist movements on both sides of the Atlantic.

We have had enough of globalist elites, and so have our colonial cousins in the great USA.

Supreme Sacrilege

Although the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court has today ruled Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament was in fact “unlawful”, that, in and of itself, does not mean that Brexit cant go ahead. The ruling is simply that the court determined the advice leading up to “this specific prorogation” was “unlawful”.

The Supreme Court, in its ruling, has, in fact, noted that:

…a referendum was held (pursuant to the European Union Referendum Act 2015) on 23rd June 2016. The majority of those voting voted to leave the European Union. Technically, the result was not legally binding. But the Government had pledged to honour the result and it has since been treated as politically and democratically binding. Successive Governments and Parliament have acted on that basis.

If remainers want to bask in a small procedural victory they can do so; HOWEVER, the Supreme Court has noted that “successive Governments and Parliament have treated the referendum as legally binding.” Which, in theory, sets a legal precedent. Any Government that does not recognise the treatment of the referendum as “legally binding” may have some troubles ahead of them, that is if they were to be challenged in the Supreme Court.

You can find that information on page 4 of the Supreme Court Judgement HERE.

Technicalities aside where do we go from here?

There are still machinations that can hold off and delay Brexit, of course, so what will give us the Brexit we voted for? It is simple, a GENERAL ELECTION. Whenever that general election is held, we as the electorate MUST ONLY vote in Ministers of Parliament who will take us OUT of Europe. Doing so would sort the wheat from the chaff and give birth to a new Parliament that cannot be held to ransom by Pan-European Parliamentarians, VOTES MATTER!

British sovereignty MUST be the aim, the goal and the prize because THAT is the will of the British people. If politicians think otherwise, then they MUST be pushed out of the political process altogether.


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