The Quran Is A Book For Queers?

by TR News
Amrou The Muslim Drag Queen

Amrou Al-Kadhi, a Muslim drag queen, is just about to publish his memoirs where he concludes that Islam is inherently pro-queer?

Nothing As Queer As Folk

TR.News and of course, Tommy himself have always separated the Muslim from the ideology of Islam. One is an individual human being, the other a dangerous, totalitarian and backward ideology. How much the individual immerses him or herself into the ideology along the lines of prescriptive literalism usually defines how much he or she is a threat to western culture and society.

We are a little surprised and fascinated to hear a story of Amrou Al-Kadhi, his stage name is “Glamrou”, and he is a Muslim drag queen. Yes, you read that correctly a Muslim drag queen, we do know there are plenty of LGBTQ Muslims in the world, even here in the UK. What fascinated us here at TR.News is how Amrou had managed to conclude that Islam is inherently queer? It’s an astounding and brave thing to “come out with” in the open.

Amrou - Launches New Book

Amrou – Launches New Book

Theological Queerness

Amrou concludes that:

there is a way to align your queerness with your religion, you just need to know where to look.

Out of interest, we decided to take a look at how Amrou managed to come to this conclusion based on the understanding and interpretation of his faith. We also decided to look at what Islamic texts actually say about queers or any part of the LGBTQ alphabet soup community.

To start with Amrou quotes a hadith from Sahih Muslim:

Islam initiated as something strange, and it would revert to its (old position) of being strange. So good tidings for the stranger.

Shahi Muslim Hadith Amrou Quoted

Shahi Muslim Hadith Amrou Quoted

There was however a little bit of a misreading by Amrou when he quoted it slightly differently:

“Islam began as something strange and will return to being something strange, so give blessings to those who are strange.”

The general consensus of the meaning of the hadith that Amrou quotes is:

“Strange” refers to the small number of its adherents. The basic meaning of ghareeb (a stranger) is being far from one’s homeland. “And will revert to being strange” refers to the small number of those who will adhere to its teachings even though its followers are many. “So give glad tidings to the strangers” means those who follow its commands. “Tooba (glad tidings)” has been interpreted as meaning Paradise or a great tree in Paradise. This shows that supporting Islam and following its commands may require leaving one’s homeland and being patient in bearing the difficulties of being a stranger, as was the case in the beginning.

You can find that HERE.

Pro-LGBTQ Islamic Texts?

The Quran is widely regarded as genuinely Anti-LGTBQ, just as other monotheistic faiths are, however, Islam goes a little bit further. Islamic texts specifically prescribe that LGBTQ people should be persecuted and KILLED in this life rather than the afterlife. Those are genuine prescriptions.

The Quran borrows from the story of Lot – homosexual men were told of their transgressions and immorality. Straight people were allowed out of the city, yet the homosexuals had to remain, then a shower of stones fell upon the evildoers which put an end to their criminality. Not exactly Pro-LGBTQ quranic verses there!

Quran - Murdering Homosexuals

Quran – Murdering Homosexuals

If you would like to read more about the reasons why Amrou thinks Islam is inherently queer, just click HERE.

Just so that everybody knows, we do not wish any harm comes to Amrou because of his views. Even if we think his views are rooted in obfuscation and lies, he is entitled to them, as much as we are entitled to call them out as such.

Islam is not Pro-LGBTQ, just read the Quran and many other hadith that mandates DEATH for queers.

That should speak for itself.

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