The Political Left Allign With Radical Islamists

by TR News

Since the USA decided to take out General Qassem Soleimani, the left have tried to bludgeon Donald Trump politically. The Political Left Allign With Radical Islamists.

Fracking For Freedom

Donald Trump has remained focused on his campaign promises, as is evidenced by his political achievements. Trump has achieved his goal of “energy independence” which means the USA is no longer dependent on oil supplies from the Middle East. Trump managed this by “promoting energy development” which brought about “advanced drilling technologies”, it also put coal miners back to work (another campaign promise kept).

Trump’s deregulatory successes and his focus on “energy independence” meant that American business and innovation was able to expand the fracking industry exponentially; energy companies could now tap into more of America’s enormous shale deposits. As a result of Donald Trump’s energy policies, America is now truly “energy independent” and an exporter of domestic oil and natural gas, meaning that the USA can now be relied upon as an alternative global energy provider.

Russia and OPEC countries (the founding members of OPEC are Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela) now have a competitor in the USA which is good news for all democratic, western, freedom-loving nations. Reliance on oil and gas from the Middle East has been diminished, which has disempowered regimes who are seen as hostile, unfriendly or manipulative.

Why is any of this relevant?

America is no longer “beholden” to Islamic countries that control oil production and oil prices. By the last quarter of 2020, America is forecast to export more crude oil and petroleum products than it imports. After that, the USA should remain a net oil exporter for years to come. Iranian provocations in Persian Gulf shipping lanes will have fewer political or economic consequences for the USA. The same cannot be said of Iran as it depends on its oil production to sustain itself.

Trump Turning The Tide

After the Iranian “Islamic Revolution” of the 1960’s the country’s new leadership adopted a very hostile approach to western influences and quickly became a pariah Islamic state and unfortunately a net exporter of worldwide terrorism.

Iran, once a culturally vibrant, progressive and proud nation, has fallen to the dark forces of Shia Islamic fundamentalism, ironically off the back of its Marxist revolutionaries which you can read more about HERE.

Trump withdrew from Barak Hussain Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the JCPOA), keeping another campaign promise because he knew that an “enriched” Iran would pose more of a threat to the world. More importantly, Trump realised Obama’s JCPOA would not stop Iran from its nuclear ambitions. Obama’s JCPOA enriched the Iranian leadership, which simultaneously emboldened its terroristic plans for the region and the rest of the world. We have already published an article about that HERE.

Donald Trump ordered the killing of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force – General Soleimani. The death of Soleimani came after numerous Iranian military provocations, not forgetting the provocations of its “proxy militias” (such as Hezbollah) based in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

Iran’s “provocations” led to the death of an American contractor which ultimately led to the end of General Soleimani, a man with the blood of hundreds of Americans and thousands of Iranian’s on his hands.

The Political Left Allign With Radical Islamists

Iran and its leadership were outraged that America drew a line in the sand, forcefully dealt with its proxies, and killed a beloved General who spread terror all over the world. The political left denounced Donald Trump and literally pleaded with Iran to avoid taking any retaliatory action, what was Trump’s crime? He hit back at Iran AFTER Iranian financed proxies killed an American.

Trump’s political detractors attacked him BEFORE the intelligence services had briefed them on the lead up to the decision to take General Soleimani out. Calls of “world war three” rang out across the American airwaves and in the printed gutter press. The American left showed solidarity towards a man and a Shia Islamist leadership responsible for killing their troops while simultaneously condemning a president who defends them! How inverted are American politics right now? The rush to judgement, the solidarity shown to an enemy of the West, the inability to call Soleimani a terrorist?

America has much bigger internal political problems than anything Iran could throw at it right now.

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