The Niqab, Chador And Burqa – Return To Sender!

by TR News

It’s time to face facts, filibustering and framing fictitious falsehoods f**k’s people off! The Niqab, Chador And Burqa – Return To Sender!

Islamic Segregationists Play The Victim Card

There has been a real drive to push the narrative of “Islamophobia” because Muslim women who wear the niqab, chador or burqa have had to endure public criticism, scrutiny and satirisation. We have already published an article on Islamic sex-segregationists, click HERE to read more, at least then you will understand our position on the face veil.

A common theme used by leftists and Islamists is to play the victim, in an age of “feelings first” degenerate politics, culture and “social justice” the Islamic face veil is a hot topic AGAIN. The reason its a hot topic is because of the globalist corporatist media and their politically aligned bedfellows in political parties, perhaps with the exception of the Brexit and Conservative parties (shocker!).

An article Boris Johnson wrote in the Telegraph back in August 2018 about the burqa has been used to bludgeon him politically over and over and over and over and over and over again. Boris compared Muslim women wearing the burqa to “letterboxes”. Boris has been attacked time and time again for making these remarks because they cause Muslim outrage and “hurty feelings”. His article actually defended the right for Muslim women to cover their faces if they so desired. This article was a strong argument taking a very liberal position, albeit while acknowledging the ridiculousness of wearing such medieval seperatist garb.

The article was written at the time of Denmark banning “bin-bag” Islamic garb like the burqa, which is such an ironic juxtaposition given the context and the content of the article itself. Attacking Boris for defending a woman’s right to wear whatever religious attire she wants and claiming “Islamophobia” is just ridiculous. Boris’s point was simple; if women want to look like letterboxes, then they can, after all, it’s their body, their choice! It could also have nothing to do with choice, but for argument’s sake, we will avoid exploring that possibility because we do not want to appear “Islamophobic”.

Boris Burqa Article

Boris Burqa Article

The Politicisation Of Islamophobia

If you were to cast your minds back to the year 2006, you might remember the case of Aishah Azmi. She took a teaching job at a Church of England school. During the interview (with a male and female), she did not wear her niqab; she never brought up the importance for her to wear one during working hours teaching children at the school. Then while at work she decided to wear her niqab. The school head asked her to remove the face veil, Aishah refused to do so. Aishah Azmi was suspended from her “teaching” duties pending a tribunal which she did eventually lose, however not without winning £1,100 for “victimisation” because of the way the dispute “was handled”.

Read more about that HERE.

The “Islamophobia” charge is poisonous, pernicious and damaging. There are societal and professional consequences for anyone unfortunate enough to be accused of it. People are so fearful of being accused of “Islamophobia” they may as well make the shahada. Former Archbishop Rowan Williams said that anxieties about primary school teachers wearing the full-face veil in class were “largely misplaced”. Luckily the dhimmi Archbishop Rowan Williams got corrected by an Islamic scholar.

Dr Sheikh Hojjat Ramzy said:

“The education of the students is paramount, and children at a primary school age need to see the teachers’ facial expressions in the learning process. As a picture paints a thousand words, facial expressions convey meanings that cannot otherwise be expressed in speech”.

You can read more about that HERE.

Regulating Regressive Religion

Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw said he backs schools that restrict inappropriate wearing of the face veil. Sir Michael also said schools that allow full veils could be downgraded by the school standards and regulatory body, that is if inspectors believe they are a hindrance to learning.

Could a barrier to non-verbal communication get in the way of educating children? Is a form of Islamic sex segregation an impediment to the “enrichment” of western culture and civilisation? We can see in this article and our previous publication about the face veil, those who defend veil wearing segregationists wear hijabs or niqabs themselves. It is also important to realise that staunch defenders of Islamic segregation are “teachers” which begs another question, how can anyone possibly teach when non-verbal communication plays no part in it?

Islamic pro-sex-segregationists are proselytising the virtues and their right to live in a separate yet parallel society. Somehow the removal of oneself from civil society and championing the right to deny an essential form of communication has become a “progressive” multicultural ideal. However, the fair-minded adults in the room can see the defence of burqa babes as regressive, retarded and repugnant. It’s a shame we don’t seem to have “adult teachers” in the classroom these days. Many “teachers” show themselves to be nothing more than ideological opportunistic proselytising, propagandists masquerading as educators.

Call them out for what they are, medieval sex-segregationist Islamist indoctrinators!

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