The latest victims of violent African crime in Melbourne

by Avi Yemini

Police are investigating a string of crimes perpetrated by a knife-wielding gang across Melbourne’s southern and western suburbs last night.

A group of four men of “African appearance” are believed to have been responsible for a string of aggravated burglaries and carjackings across the city.

Here’s how the events are believed to have unfolded:

The gang’s crime spree reportedly began with an aggravated burglary at a home in Bentleigh East at about 8.40pm last night.

The 39-year-old man and 32-year-old woman of the home were bashed and robbed.

The African gang fled with jewellery, computers, handbags and a black BMW.

The stolen BMW was later involved in an accident, colliding with a barrier on the West Gate Freeway.

The vehicle was found dumped nearby.

At approx 9 pm, The gang approached a woman who was putting her child into her car in Anderson Street, Port Melbourne.The woman was threatened with a knife and the intruders fled with her 2012 Hyundai i30.

The pack of vicious thugs ended their night of terror by breaking into a home in Derrimut, just after midnight.

The four occupants of the property were held hostage at knifepoint for thirty minutes. One of the occupants, a 65-year-old man, is believed to have been beaten by one of the intruders.

The thugs dumped the Hyundai i30 they stole from Port Melbourne and made off with a grey 2010 Mercedes sedan and a black 2015 Honda HR-V.

The two vehicles are still missing, and the African gang remains on the run.

So again, is African crime still a thing? Well, yes – last nights violent crime spree is nothing new.

In fact, the stats speak for themselves, a Somali or Sudanese immigrant or child of immigrants are 10 times more likely to commit such brutal violence in Melbourne.

That doesn’t mean Aussies don’t commit violent crimes – obviously, they do. But based on these stats, why the hell would we continue to import cultures that guarantee that enormously higher violent crime rate?

Remember the South Africans who need our help? From the 200,000 South Africans, we have living here already, I’ve never heard a similar story.

But I know. The idea of bringing people here who would be grateful and do everything to contribute to our society instead of BASHING and ROBBING us must be racist.

Unless our new prime minister finally steps up – I’m probably going to be telling you many similar stories into the future.

And I promise they’ll continue to get worse.


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