The Far-Left “Feelings Before Facts” Politics

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Labour MP Paula Sherriff, a far-left totalitarian, never lets an emotive crisis go to waste. The Far-Left “Feelings Before Facts” Politics is here to shame and intimidate.

Feelings Before Facts

Yes, the country is still up in arms about Brexit, the “current” majority remainer Parliament have stifled, delayed, obstructed, ignored and dismissed the will of the British people. The remainers of Parliament are becoming more and more unhinged, more and more emotional and growing more and more toxic as time goes on.

Perhaps remainers are running out of strategies? Perhaps their palpable frustration is an indicator of desperate people using desperate stratagems. The point of shaming and controlling language is and always has been a strategy of the far-left. If you manage to control speech, you can control the discourse that flows from it.

Labour MP Paula Sherriff made a highly charged speech in the House of Commons when she said: “she genuinely did not seek to stifle robust debate” when in fact, that is EXACTLY what she attempted to do. Paula then went on to say:

“But this evening the Prime Minister has continually used pejorative language to describe an act of Parliament passed by this house, and I’m sure that you would agree Mr Speaker we should not resort to using offensive, dangerous or inflammatory language for legislation we do not like”.

Paula’s argument at this moment now provides a context to the debate. She does not like Boris Johnson using pejorative language to describe an act of Parliament that was used to hamstring him. The act she was referring to has seriously reduced any negotiating power Boris had as we look towards LEAVING the EU. The act effectively strengthens the European Union’s hand while simultaneously weakening ours when it comes to navigating and negotiating Article 50.

Emotive, Deliberate, And Unhinged

After “dressing down” the Prime Minister about his “pejorative language” when describing an act of Parliament that deliberately weakened his negotiating hand with the EU, Paula went on to say:

“And we stand here Mr Speaker under the shield of our departed friend with many of us in this place subject to death threats and abuse every single day and that they tell the Prime Minister that they often quote his words, surrender act, betrayal, traitor and I for one am sick of it. We MUST moderate our language, and it has to come from the Prime minister first. So I would be interested in hearing his opinion, he should be absolutely ashamed of himself”.

While Paula was making an unambiguous reference to her departed friend Jo Cox, an MP who was murdered by a real far-right lunatic, she conflated that evil act to the Prime Ministers “language”. The far-left think language they do not like to hear is tantamount to violence and murder. She also conflated receiving death threats to the Prime Ministers “language”, like Boris is responsible for her politics, her shackling of Brexit negotiations and what people post on social media.

The left is unashamedly authoritarian. They want to control language, they always have. That way, they can steer the debate on “their terms” by conflating, shaming and intimidating Boris into a submissive who must navigate his way through left-wing thought crimes before engaging his mouth.

Jess Phillips - A Disgusting Human Being

Jess Phillips – A Disgusting Human Being

Fight The Narrative – Never Surrender Speech

During rapturous and virtuous applause from the remain collectivists, to his credit, Boris’s reply was swift and to the point:

“I think Mr Speaker, I have to say Mr Speaker, I have to say Mr Speaker I’ve never heard such humbug in all my life. Because this is a bill…..

Jeering far-left baboons set upon him, the Parliamentary remainers of the far-left had their “gotcha” moment. Now it was all about Boris Johnson defaming the memory of a murdered MP – Jo Cox. That’s how it has been spun. The far-left, with deliberate intent, used the death of Jo Cox to score a political soundbite. Making Boris look like a hateful man, unsympathetic to a murder victim was their aim all along, Boris’s response was interrupted. He was “humbugging” the Parliamentary act that has reduced his negotiating power with the EU. But Labour MP’s don’t want to waste a soundbite or an optic to deceive the public, no they can’t let such a crisis go to waste!

Jess Phillips continued the far-left narrative and pushed the language argument. She also continued to conflate the death of Jo Cox with Boris Johnsons “Humbug” moment. The left always accuse those they pit themselves against politically, of the very things they do themselves. They divide, they incite hatred, but they have souls, they have feelings! The far-left hate Boris Johnson using the word “humbug” about their murdered friend. It is obvious to those who were careful enough to hear what was said in Parliament, Boris “humbugged” the act and not a victim of murder.

There’s only one problem here; the deceivers are those on the far-left, the ones who conflate and distort context, language and meaning to suit a narrative or to manufacture another. Never concede language dictates from those who want a debate on their terms. Invoking the murder of an MP to do that, shows how disgusting, insidious and low the far-left will go.

Vote them out of Parliament so we can get our country back!

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