The Debauchery Of Dizzie Lizzie Dearden

by TR News
Rapefugees Not Welcome Here

The far from “Independent” newspaper has published another article on “far-right extremism” which perfectly highlights the debauchery of Dizzie Lizzie Dearden.

Tackling Tommyphobia

Dizzie Lizzie Dearden is a bigoted journalist who happily promotes Tommyphobia whenever and wherever she can. Lizzie is a little bit obsessed with Tommy, perhaps in the same way as John Sweeney is?

Today Lizzie published an article that has Tommy front and centre of her evocative headline in the “Independent” newspaper.

“Far right poses as protectors of women to target Muslims, official extremism report finds.”

The Debauchery Of Dizzie Lizzie Dearden

The Debauchery Of Dizzie Lizzie Dearden

We will not criticise the fact that “far-right” should be hyphenated Lizzie even though we are pretty fastidious. It’s always good to be accurate Lizzie!

You can see that article by clicking HERE.

Bumbling Pre-Amble To Commission Report

Dizzie Lizzie had an exclusive “sneak peek” at new report coming out from the government’s Commission for Countering Extremism which states that some groups:

“deliberately distort the truth to persuade their audience to adopt discriminatory and hateful attitudes”.

Dizzie Lizzie, in her usual animus towards Tommy, has again brilliantly highlighted the need to clamp down on the bigotry of Tommyphobia. As usual, she has injected Tommy into the “far-right” narrative and specifically where “far-right activists are exploiting concerns about the safety of women and children to target Muslims and ethnic minorities”.

We appreciate the inclusion of the hyphen this time, Lizzie; it means a lot to us, please be more inclusive from the off if you don’t mind.

Exploiting Concerns About Rapists?

The Commission for Countering Extremism will be publishing a report on how to squash the voices of concerned citizens living in areas that are becoming more Islamised, where economic migrants or “asylum seekers” are having a detrimental effect on local communities.

Importing the third world without measures for assimilation or sufficient controls for public safety leads to a breakdown of our culture, our society and our rule of law. Not challenging the terrible idea of Islam and the “cultures” that spring from that religion has left thousands of young children damaged or dead from sexual abuse.

We will not be silenced about the “rapey” nature of Muslims who see western women as “easy meat”. We will not be silenced about Islam prescribing the sexual enslavement of women as “war booty” either.

We do not and never have said that ALL migrants, whether legal or illegal, are rapists. We have said and will continue to say we are importing a lot of people from war-torn shitholes, people who come from backward cultures opposed to western values and the rule of law. And while we do that we are “adding” to a rape problem here in the UK.

Plenty enough rapists need to be dealt with here in the UK without bringing in people from cultures and ideologies that despise us and see western women as a natural “legitimate” target for sexual assault.

Silencing the truth about the industrialised rape and abuse of young girls didn’t help victims. Silencing voices that call out cultural and ideological problems that come with unfettered, unregulated and uncontrolled immigration will not solve problems either. History has taught us; it will only get worse.

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