THE CIRCUS: Neighbour ‘May Have Broke Law’ Releasing Boris Row Tapes

by TR News

A TRUMPIAN-Esque media circus has rolled up to the British Isles, and in the next greatest political show on earth – it’s the turn of that other populist blonde bombshell with crazy hair.

Across the pond, the long-running non-stop TV news and social media event that is ‘The Trump Show’ has been entertaining – and to some, horrifying the world thanks to the election of the populist supremo – Donald J Trump.

Now, the Brits are about to get their turn in producing the latest smash-hit 24/7 political-reality show with the possibility of BoJo becoming Britain’s next Prime Minister and today we have had our first glimpse of the kind of media circus that the Boris and Carrie Downing Street House is likely to bring.

Mr Trump and Mr Johnson have a lot in common, they both rode the populist waves of the working-class fightback against the Globalist Establishment back in 2016, and now it looks like Boris is going to be European Unions worst nightmare, just like Trump.

Mr Johnson is already ‘hated’ across the EU with one top Eurocrat describing his potential leadership as a ‘horror scenario.’ It is evident the remoaning political establishment have circled their wagons around Boris. A ‘Media Circus’ that now surrounds him and his partner Carrie Symonds is an attempt to smear and besmerch. Boris, if voted in as the new Prime Minister, could freeze out a remain agenda from the Brexit process.

The mainstream media in the United States HATES Mr Trump. They regularly attempt to discredit him at every given opportunity. The UK mainstream media is split between the press and the TV news media – the latter is 100% a left-leaning establishment voice, most outlets are filled with middle or upper-class folk who have probably never done a real days work in their lives.

Episode 1 of this new political-reality show has showcased a blazing row filled with affairs, arguments and a call to the Metropolitan Police.

The story that was reported initially by the press is that Police officers were called to the flat of Mr Johnson’s partner, Carrie Symonds, 31 after reports of an argument on Thursday.

Metropolitan Police officers attended Symonds flat in Camberwell, South London after her neighbours – a couple – who recorded the argument and sold the tape to left-wing Guardian newspaper claimed there was banging, shouting and screaming.

Symonds allegedly told BoJo, 55 to “get off me” and to “get out of my flat” after she was allegedly snooping on Mr Johnson’s laptop.

Boris is reported to have told Symonds to “get off my f***ing laptop”. and then a “loud crashing noise” followed.

The Times reported that shortly afterwards a woman’s scream was heard, followed by “slamming and banging”, then Ms Symonds neighbour called ‘Fatima’ according to sources – knocked at the door.

After recording the incident, Fatima called Police – who claimed she was ‘concerned’ about Carrie, she let the Guardian newspaper “hear” her recording. The results of which they posted today.


It’s not a criminal offence to record a conversation – however, if a recording is sold to third parties or released in public without the consent of the participants, this could be considered a criminal offence.

One law firm says: “The problem arises, however, if that conversation is then provided to a third party for whatever reason, without the consent of both parties. Consent can be obtained retrospectively or argued to be within the public’s interest.”

The neighbour said, “Boris has been visiting for six to nine months.”

“I think he lives there now because of the frequency we see him. He leaves the house about 8am, and he gets picked up by his minders.”

Another neighbour was reported to have said: “There was a smashing sound of what sounded like plates. There were a couple of very loud screams that I’m certain were Carrie, and she was shouting to ‘get out’ a lot. She was saying ‘get out of my flat’, and he was saying no. And then there was silence after the screaming. My partner, who was in bed half asleep, had heard a loud bang and the house shook.”

A spokesman for the Met, who initially denied there had been an incident said that Police officers responded to a call from a “concerned” resident.

“At 00.24hrs on Friday, June 21, Police responded to a call from a local resident in the SE5 area of Camberwell. The caller was concerned for the welfare of a female neighbour. Police attended and spoke to all occupants of the address, who were all safe and well.

“There were no offences or concerns apparent to the officers, and there was no cause for police action.”

Boris’ camp has declined to comment.

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