The Brexit Civil War Wages On

by TR News

Boris recently lost a vote in the House of Commons as he attempted to squash a bill that would delay our exit from the European Union. The Brexit civil war wages on.

Such Drama

A week in politics can seem like a lifetime in this current remoaning climate. The Anti-Brexit Parliamentarian globalist lobby sought to undermine Boris Johnson’s negotiations with Europe and won by a margin of only 27 votes, of which 21 were, of course, Conservative Europhiles.

Boris took the initiative and purged the 21 traitors from the Conservative party sending a strong message to anyone who dares to undermine the will of the people. Jo Johnson, a remainer himself, has had to step down as an MP for Orpington because of a disagreement with his older brother Boris.

Jo Johnson The Remainer Quits

Jo Johnson The Remainer Quits


Corbynistas Lack Cahoonas

Labour and its loosely affiliated cabal of globalist Anti-Brexit MP’s are poised to win another battle in the House of Commons. Labour have consistently called for a general election and threatened a vote of no confidence of Boris’s Prime Ministership. Boris being Boris, called them out repeatedly and he now looks set to table a motion to get a general election underway. Comrade Corbyn and the dutiful dimwitted degenerate demagogues in his party recoiled at the thought of a general election, which, at this current moment in time, would certainly purge the House of Commons of remaining anti-democratic symbiotic globalist pondlife.

Boris Still Winning

Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament is 100% legal! The High Court ruled the Prime Minister acted lawfully in the advice he gave to the Queen in order to suspend parliament from next week. This will be the SECOND time the remoaners have lost in court after throwing tantrums inside and outside the Houses of Parliament. The remoaners have not given up yet, although they have lost cases in Edinburgh and London they are now trying to overturn Boris’s enactment of prorogation in a Belfast court. Where next lefties? Perhaps you should try a court somewhere in Europe?

Leftism really is a mental illness.

It is time to get behind Boris, it is time to get Great Britain OUT of the European Union and most importantly of all it is time for us all to Make Britain Great Again!

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