The Authoritarian Left’s Progressive And Virtuous Hatred

by TR News
Boris Loves The NHS

Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus; he is now in intensive care. The Authoritarian Left’s Progressive And Virtuous Hatred.

Progressive Prejudice

There are many hypocrites on the left; they purport to be an accepting, tolerant and respectful bunch of ideologues, imbued with the virtues of selflessness and love for “others”. The problem with the ideologues of the left is that they rarely practise what they preach when one wanders outside of their “tolerated boundaries”. Diversity of skin colour, sexuality, gender non-conformance, religious beliefs (perhaps with the exception of Christianity), and social/economic status are but some examples of where the tolerant left lean, but where is their tolerance for diversity of thought? Where is their tolerance and acceptance for diversity of opinion, political leanings, conservatism, traditionalism, capitalism and western culture?

Truth be known it’s pretty scarce.

When one wanders from the “acceptable” ideological philosophies of the “tolerant left” their professed love and acceptance of all is exposed for the fraudulent, false and fabricated fallacy that it truly is. There is nothing more hypocritical, convoluted, contradictory and prejudicial than the ideological, tolerant and virtuous ideologues of the “loving left”.

Generational Tolerance From The Left

Generational Tolerance From The Left

Wokeism On Life Support

Only a few days ago Conservative British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was transferred to an intensive care unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital due to worsening symptoms caused by coronavirus, he was put on oxygen. During this time you would perhaps expect people to wish him well, to wish him a speedy recovery, even if you do not agree with his political leanings or his political philosophy, but no, the tolerant left let their progressive pious mask slip again.

Boris is hated, detested, despised and denigrated by woke leftists, and we all know why. Boris won a landslide victory in the general election. He defeated the globalist political elite and their woke progressive Marxist pro-EU base who stood in the way of British independence, sovereignty and the British nation-state. Boris took power away from a globalist pro-European Marxist vanguard – then Brexit happened!

Shiela Oakes

Shiela Oakes – Hatred Equal To The Size Of A Whale

Unhinged, Deranged, Mentally Ill

Wishing someone dead is not a particularly nice thing to say or do, maybe with the exception of terrorists, child-molesters and rapists, the very worst, the most evil in our society. Wishing someone dead because of someone’s political persuasion, their political philosophy, their conservatism, their love for traditionalism, nation-state and sovereignty is by definition, hatred, intolerance and EXTREME.

News of Boris’ hospitalisation spread through mainstream and social media quicker than you could say coronavirus. The hateful, unhinged and mentally ill ideologues of the left let their masks slip again for the world to see. Rather than wishing the democratically elected leader of our country well and a speedy recovery, the tolerant, loving left wished that he would die! At the very least they celebrated the fact Boris has a life-threatening illness.

One of the mentally ill, deranged and hideous ideologues of the left is none other than Sheila Oakes – Labour Mayor for Heanor in Derbyshire.

She said that Boris Johnson deserved the coronavirus because she hates his politics. The left is happy to celebrate the death of our Prime Minister and see his unborn child grow up without a father.

Shiela Oakes - Labour Mayor

Sheila Oakes – Labour Mayor

Sheila was just one of many many posts from the tolerant left that rejoiced in Boris’s deterioration. It’s a common theme among the woke left, but it’s not just Boris Johnson who has been targeted for vitriolic, unhinged hate from the “loving left”.

The left and their Muslim supporters want Tommy Robinson to die from coronavirus too! It’s OK for the left to spew hatred, bile, and wish death and illness on their ideological opposites. It is the most virtuous thing they can do, such is their moral superiority!The Loving Left


The Loving Left

The Loving Left

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