The AI Revolution Is Teaching China’s Children

by TR News

China is fast becoming the world leader in artificial intelligence, so today, we are taking a look at how the AI revolution is teaching China’s children.

Teaching Or Programming?

China’s state council, the highest governmental body, released an ambitious plan in 2017 to build an AI industry worth one hundred and fifty billion dollars by the year 2030.

The policy blueprint is called the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan (NGAIDP), and it wants artificial intelligence to play a part in ALL aspects of life.

China’s children have become test subjects of it’s ambitious AI plan. Facial recognition cameras keep a close eye on students who wear electronic headbands which means a computer programme monitors their behaviours and attention in class.

Facial Recognition In Chinas Classrooms

Facial Recognition In Chinas Classrooms Source:

Big Brother Works With CCP

A Communist dictatorship governs China which means that AI is particularly useful to the political regime on several fronts. AI technology is developing faster each and every day, so it offers up a new and exciting economic opportunity. It also offers up a digital means of “educating” people in ways that the Communist regime finds acceptable to its political-ideological goals.

China’s view on privacy is pretty non-existent comparable to Western countries (and we have plenty to complain about). That means Chinese entrepreneurs have an almost infinite amount of data at their disposal to train and refine their algorithms. All this becomes advantageous to the Chinese because they can get ahead in “deep learning” which is a type of AI that mimics human brains analytical models.

Big-Tech firms like Facebook and Google have been looking at developing this type of artificial intelligence. Privacy laws and having a much smaller demographic to work with in the United States comparable to China may see them lose out on that race.

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