The 6 things you can do to SAVE Tommy’s life

by Avi Yemini

Tommy Robinson was convicted and is now in Jail for the outrageous crime of REAL journalism.

Police initially arrested Tommy Robinson in May of 2018 for a “breach of the peace” and within 5 hours changed the charges, convicted him and sentenced him to 13 months in Prison for “contempt of court”. Of that sentence, Tommy has already served ten weeks in solitary confinement.

After appealing the case and mass worldwide-demonstrations by supporters, Tommy was finally released from Prison, and the highest Judge in the land found procedural failings by the Judge who originally sentenced him. The Lord Chief Justice stated the way the case was handled “gave rise to unfairness”, further determining the proceedings were “fundamentally flawed” and ultimately sent the case back to the Attorney General.

Not content with the first round of political persecution, the decision to re-charge Tommy, with an added charge of “causing anxiety” to the paedophile defendants, was made five months after the case was referred back to the Attorney General.

In his defence, Tommy presented clear evidence that the court had failed to adhere to their own standards regarding court reporting restrictions, that he only presented information that was in the public domain, and that the trial had already ended, granting no possibility of collapsing the trial. Nevertheless, he was found guilty on all three charges and sentenced to 6 months in Prison.

Shrewdly, the Judge knew that with time served Tommy would be released on Thursday, in turn, reactivating an expired 3-month suspended sentence which yielded a combined 9-month sentence. With 138 days counting toward time served, Tommy Robinson will spend approximately another 10-weeks in Prison.

Adding insult to injury, Tommy was also ordered to pay the prosecution’s court cost, which is estimated to be upward of £25,000. They’re making him pay for his own wrongful conviction and jailing – let that sink in.

This is undeniably political persecution. Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner and we are all witnessing the erosion of the justice system that once made Britain so great; all at the hands of the globalist agenda.

But not all is lost. It’s important to note that the state only decided to re-charge Tommy once he was fully de-platformed in the hope that the #FreeTommy movement that set him free last time isn’t reignited.

They got it wrong again. Thousands gathered outside The Old Bailey throughout the proceedings, and since his jailing activists around the world have started to organise themselves. And being banned from Twitter didn’t stop him from trending, with support reaching as far as the son of Israel’s Prime Minister, thank you Yair Netanyahu.

Unlike last time Tommy was stitched up, this time Tommy was able to get his affairs in order before going to Jail.

Tommy made sure TR.NEWS can continue to operate, that Danny Tommo and Richard Inman are in charge of local rallies and asked me (which I’m honoured) to be his (and his family’s) official “spokesman.”

I will ensure to keep you updated with every devolvement and relay any messages from Tommy and his family.

Jenna, his wife, is now going to spend the summer raising their beautiful kids without his help. She’s putting on a brave face, but after spending only a week away from my loved ones, I can’t imagine the hell she must be going through, especially because there’s no way to really know if Tommy will get out alive.

The state has decided to hold Tommy at Belmarsh Prison which is a place for the likes of hook-handed terrorist Abu Hamza, child killer Ian Huntley and serial paedophile Richard Huckle who abused children from the ages of 6-months to 12-years. You know, the worst crimes and criminals, now including ‘contempt of court’ and ‘Tommy Robinson’.

Jenna told me that Tommy is in isolation (for now), which is supposed to stop him from being murdered, but we all saw the impact on his physical and mental wellbeing last time he spent 10-weeks in solitary confinement.

Tommy and the family wanted me to thank everyone who attended on Thursday, everyone who has supported the appeal and everyone who has expressed their disgust and outrage online.

What can you do?

1. support the appeal
2. write to him by snail mail or email (quoting his prison number and name below)
A2084CG – Stephen Yaxley Lennon
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
SE28 0EB
3. become an activist and send me the photos (
4. go to the rallies (starting with one today outside his Prison from 6-8pm)
5. be his voice online
6. pray for his safety

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