The 6 Social Media Platforms YOU NEED To AVOID Censorship

by Avi Yemini

When YouTube notified me that my channel was being “demonetised” a couple of weeks ago, they didn’t disclose the full extent of what they were doing.

It turns out that not only was my channel no longer able to earn me any money – but the content itself was going to be censored.

Until I was demonised, my average views per video were approx 100k, and I was getting about 15k new subs a month. Since the social media giant deemed my channel as being “too naughty”, my videos are now averaging only about 20k views, and I have not earned even one new subscriber.

They’re literally hiding my videos.

So, like most conservatives, I’ve had enough.

For me, it started with losing my Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers who opted in to hear what I’ve got to say, then I was shadow-banned on Twitter, and lately, a rising number of videos have DELETED from Instagram, and now this.

But like most people, when looking for alternative platforms to share my content, it was so overwhelming. It seems like there’s a new platform every day, and they never seem worth investing the time and energy on building an audience on anything until it takes off.

But if everyone says that, well, then Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter will continue to monopolise the social media space, forever.

So, I’m going to share with you my current list of the top six free speech platforms you need to join to avoid the censorship. I’ll tell you what I like and dislike about each.

The links to follow us on each platform are below.

1. BitChute

I’m loving BitChute as a replacement for YouTube. At the moment, I have it set to grab anything I upload to YouTube automatically, so I don’t have to manually do anything, which is handy. When I finally quit YouTube or they remove me entirely, I’ll upload my videos directly to BitChute.

Their team is extremely helpful, in fact, I plan on interviewing them later this week about what they’re doing.


Supports free speech
Automatically grabs your uploads from YouTube
Support button allows followers to donate to you and BitChute don’t even take a cut!


It’s a little bit slow to load
There’s no app for mobile devices
Most Australian internet providers have blocked the site after the Christchurch massacre, so you require a VPN to use it down-under.

2. Telegram

I really love Telegram, but it’s not like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. It’s most similar to WhatsApp, but with a lot more capabilities.

The way it works; content creators establish what is called a group that people can subscribe to, and it only allows the admins to post.

Admins can use bots to allow subscribers to react and comment to posts.

I think Telegram has noticed the spike in banned “right-wingers” joining their platform as a means of communicating with their “lost” followers. Lately, they’ve added some handy new features to accommodate to the needs of these new users; such as a group chat within a group that allows your subscribers to communicate between each other (and you).

I know it’s hard to understand because it’s hard to explain, but the platform is excellent for both users and creators once you get your head around it.

My advice to creators, don’t bombard your followers with heaps of posts as your subscribers can and will mute your group – meaning they’ll stop getting notifications when you post.


Supports free speech
No algorithms, users control precisely what they follow and what notifications they receive
Great for directing traffic
Phone and Desktop apps with notifications, so your followers are notified every time you post – unless they mute you
Bots allow you to make it interactive


It’s different to anything you’ve used before, even WhatsApp, so can be confusing at first
Hard to find groups without a direct link

3. Parler

I just joined this platform. I guess the best way to describe it is as an uncensored cross between Twitter and Facebook.

I have high hopes for Parler. It seems like it may be the one to take off. A lot of big names have already joined, and there’s a good reason for that. The app is pretty good; still a little glitchy, but overall, it looks great and is very user-friendly.


Supports free speech
There’s a mobile app
It’s user-friendly
It’s definitely gaining momentum


Still a little glitchy
I’m not popular enough on it yet! (so follow me!) haha

4. 3Speak:

This one is interesting. I just joined it after being contacted by one of the developers. It’s only in the Beta stage but I already quite like it.

It’s a video sharing platform, so in place of YouTube. It allows content creators to earn money through views using Cryptocurrency. To be honest, I haven’t got my head around that part yet, but the idea that content creators can make money again, even when they’re “naughty” is exciting.

Unlike BitChute, 3Speak videos load very quickly, and they have live streaming capabilities – though I haven’t tried that yet.

The catch with 3Speak is content creators have to be approved. I’m not sure if that’s the longterm plan or just in the Beta stage. And the truth is, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, let me know what you think in the comments below.


Supports free speech
Loads quickly
Creators can earn money
Looks pretty good and functions well, especially the fact that it’s only in the first Beta stage – I have hopes for it


No app (yet, I guess)
No one has heard of it, but again, it’s very early days.

5. MeWe

I’m not a massive fan of MeWe. It’s okay. Best way to describe it is as a more clunky Facebook without all the ads and censorship.


Support free speech
Has a phone app


Doesn’t seem to be taking off
Layout is average
You can’t create a page for followers, so you have to accept every friend request manually. So Annoying!

6. Gab

Not a massive fan of this one either. It’s another clunky copy of Facebook, even worse than MeWe in some ways.

The two things I dislike about Gab most are:
1. There’s no mobile app
2. Gab seems to be saturated by crazies. I’m all for free speech and don’t think anyone should be banned, but Gab almost feels exclusive to flat-earthers, real neo-nazis and every other fringe-dweller in between. I’m not sure why, if you use Gab, please help me understand in the comments below.


Supports free speech
Pages allow followers, and you don’t manually have to accept them (unlike MeWe)


No app

That’s my list so far, but I’m also really excited about Jordan Peterson’s ThinkSpot that I believe is being launched very soon.

Let me know what you think of my list in the comments below. Let me know if you have anything to add about my feedback – even if you disagree, and more importantly, if there’s a platform, you think I should try.

Until then, make sure to follow us on any of the platforms you decide to join!

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Telegram: &
3Speak: &

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