by TR News

Well, it was an emotional roller-coaster last night, results did not go our way. However the fact that Tommy’s social media reach has been significantly diminished due to the censorial nature of governmental, far-left and silicon valley objections to truth-telling, the lad did well!

Just imagine if he still had that reach on social media! Just imagine if he had the financial backing of powerful unions and the press like his opponents did.

Although some of you may feel disheartened, some may even feel it is pointless to set our stall against the political status quo, we cannot and will not surrender to the whims of big government and big unions, both of which seem to be hell-bent on silencing our voice.

It’s not going to happen, not now, not ever.

Our battles for freedom of speech and expression will continue. We will carry on exposing corrupt politicians with the disinfectant of sunlight, there is much, much more to come. We will go into more detail about our plans for the future in due course, so stay tuned.

For all of the far-left cheers and rejoicing that is going on right now, know this.

We are not finished; this is just the start. Have your moment, enjoy it, embrace it, because we will have ours too.

Tommy, his campaign staff, and all of us here at TR News want to thank everyone who has supported and continue to support us and our efforts to bring news, opinions and journalism that you will never find in mainstream media.

The might and corruption of government and unions are evident for all to see, over time those monsters will be held to account, we will play our part, we need you to do the same.

So chins up, dust yourselves down, this was just one battle, the war wages on, and we are still fighting fit!

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