Thank You – Have A Very Merry Christmas!

by TR News

Tommy and the TR.News team just wanted to say Thank You – Have A Very Merry Christmas!

Celebrating Truth Telling

Tommy and the TR.News team wishes every single one of our loyal supporters a “Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year”. It’s been a pretty hectic 2019 that started out with Tommy and his team exposing fake newsagent John Sweeney, his corrupt practices with BBC programme-makers and his co-ordination with far-left conspiracy theorists Hope Not Hate.

Johns exposure meant that he had to leave the BBC after seventeen years of loyal service to their bias broadcasting agenda.

Panodrama was a massive win for Tommy as the establishment went out of their way to destroy him with lies built on fallacies and fraudulent practices.

Tommy also ran an MEP campaign in the North West of England; people flocked to see him wherever he went, he was met mostly with love by the British working class who have been badly let down by the Labour Party. Labour tried to ignore the raping, beating and pimping of young vulnerable British girls for decades. However, Tommy and his supporters made sure the Labour Party’s complicity in the Muslim gang rape cover-up got the attention it deserved, Tommy played a massive part in forcing mainstream media to report on the issue. Police are now investigating thousands of crimes committed by child abusers going back many many years. The abusers are predominantly Pakistani Muslim gangs who prey on young British girls.

That’s another win for Tommy, although the political establishment and mainstream media are loathed to admit it.

Punishing Truth Telling

Tommy has had to spend time behind bars in segregation again for his activism and daring to report on Muslims who gang rape children, filthy depraved men who see children as “easy meat”. Tommy’s political persecution didn’t stop at the last farcical case brought against him where judges re-contextualised a live stream to put him away again.

While Tommy was serving his time in Belmarsh, he was made aware that he was to face more civil litigation. This case centred on Jamal, a Syrian schoolboy who was supposedly “waterboarded” according to hyperventilating mainstream media — jumping onto an international virtue signalling exercise.

Imprisoning Tommy does not shut him up; it certainly doesn’t stop him from his activism or his reporting. The use of civil lawfare is the way Tommy’s opponents are heading, they hope that by financially ruining him, they will put an end to his truth-telling.

Exciting Times Ahead

TR.News and Tommy will be heading into the new year with some legal distractions for sure; we expect nothing less, but still, we have many many plans for the new year so keep your eyes peeled, you ain’t seen nothin yet!

As we head into Christmas and the new year, please spare a thought for all of our ex-forces who sleep rough on the street. Wherever and whenever you can please spare them some food, drink, money or clothing, its the very least we can do to help those who have put their lives on the line serving our country. It’s a national disgrace they even have to sleep on a street.

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody and have an even better New Year!

God bless, stay safe, stay strong and never ever surrender!

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