Thank you for SUPPORTING the Campaign – The Fight Continues

by Ashley

Tommy just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who have supported and continue to support him.

Tommy has learned a lot from his political campaign in the North West of England, lessons that he will carry with him into the future. He is aware how much online censorship affected his chances of becoming an MEP.

He also knows how that censorship is creeping into America, the land of the free and the first amendment.

Although Tommy was not happy with the election result, the experience of running to become an MEP was “beneficial”.

Everyone could see how mainstream media treated him; everyone can see how he was attacked physically, by members of the far-left and an angry Muslim with a milkshake fetish. Tommy also reflects on how Greater Manchester Police guided a masked Muslim mob calling themselves the “Muslim Defence League” into his political rally, they attacked families with children who had come out to see Tommy and listen to what he had to say.

We also noted how the far-left helped this group of hateful Muslims on their way to cause a riot at a legitimate political rally.

You can find footage of the event HERE which we also sent to Greater Manchester Police, to help them with their enquiries of course!

We noted all the “dirty tricks” that were carried out by far-left protest groups and powerful trade unions. They would even hide behind organisations involved in dealing with sexual abuse victims to scorn him publicly. The Police and local councils also did their very best to interfere with Tommys political campaign.

The Bus is almost ready and good to go, his work on a documentary will be out soon, that’s one thing to look out for!

Tommy also has another day or two in court. He has to appear at the Old Bailey on 4th of July which, ironically, is Independence Day for our cousins over the pond.

Let’s hope this ongoing political persecution from the British state fails (as it should do) leading to Tommy’s own independence day; we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Can you think of anyone more politically persecuted than Tommy Robinson here in the U.K.?

The media also need to reconsider their fake news reporting of Tommy being a hate filled Nazi, a man who hates all Muslims, which he clearly is not!

On that note, set a date in your diaries for the 4th of July, it will be amazing to see you there, let’s show the political establishment we will carry on this fight no matter what.

Tommy has received a number of death threats and osman warnings from the Police, yet he keeps fighting the good fight.

Never ever surrender, because he wont!

Thank you and God blesss you all!

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