Terrorist Supporting Kenyan – Free To Stay As Refugee!

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Al-Shabab Islamic Terrorists

A Kenyan already convicted of a terrorism-related offence back in 2013 battled our legal system and WON! Terrorist Supporting Kenyan – Free To Stay As Refugee!

Safeguarding Or Suiciding?

A Kenyan who has openly admitted to having an “extremist mindset” has successfully overturned a deportation order by the Home Office. In 2011 the Kenyan national was caught at Heathrow Airport with a substantial amount of terrorist-related material on his iPod. Several of these files related to Al Shabab and Al Qaeda. Police searched his residence in the UK and found more terrorist-related material there.

In 2013 the Kenyan national who “cannot be named for legal reasons” stood trial and was convicted of “possessing information useful to terrorism” and was sentenced to nine months imprisonment. The Kenyan (he who cannot be named) was found to have one document titled “39 Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad”, the trial Judge at the time described the document as “a terrorist manual”.

Home Office Tried But Ultimately Failed

The Government explains it’s role and that of the Home Office:

“The first duty of the Government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure. The Home Office has been at the front line of this endeavour since 1782. As such, the Home Office plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the United Kingdom”.

The Home Office is “the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counter-terrorism and police”, here are just a few of its responsibilities laid out in black and white:

Keeping the United Kingdom safe from the threat of terrorism.

Securing the UK border and controlling immigration.

Considering applications to enter and stay in the UK.

Issuing passports and visas.

The Home Office also has “priorities” in “reducing terrorism” and “controlling migration”.

You can find all that information by clicking HERE.

Al Shabab Car Bomb Attack In Mogadishu

Al Shabab – Car Bomb Attack In Mogadishu

The case of the Kenyan national who is supportive or at least sympathetic to Al Shabab and Al Qaeda makes a serious case in point, one that fully supports our stance on dealing with supporters of terrorists and terrorist organisations. Our position always has been to remove these “type” of people from society (imprisonment or internment is fine). If convicted and they are a foreign national – deport them to their country of origin. If they happen to be a dual citizen, then we should revoke their British citizenship and again deport them to their country of origin. We should not waste hard-working British taxpayers money on people hostile to our country, our culture, our religion or the rule of law.

Failing To Deport – Failing To Protect

In the case of the terrorist-supporting Kenyan national, he managed to argue his rights as a “refugee” successfully because those rights “outweighed the risk he poses to the UK”. The Home Office, although deeply flawed, wanted the Kenyan out of the country, we need and must give credit where it is due, on this occasion they have followed through on their responsibilities and their priorities in this instance.

The problem here lies with our judicial system because they recognised the terror-supporting Kenyan national (and his wife) were entitled to humanitarian protection under the Refugee Convention. Even though immigration judges heard about the terror-supporting Kenyan’s “extremist mindset” they upheld an appeal which means both he and his wife can pursue an asylum claim to remain in the UK. Apparently, both of these Kenyan nationals would be “at-risk” if they were to be deported to their country of origin.

What about the British public? Are they not “at-risk” of foreign fundamentalist terror-supporting backward nutjobs? Who in this case, is prioritised? Isnt it the foreign nationals claim of persecution that trumps the safety and welfare of the British public? Kenya is safer without him, Britain certainly is not.

Judge Mark O’Connor and Upper Tribunal vice-president Mark Ockelton said the threshold for “threatening international peace and security” had not been crossed.

You can find the full tribunal decision by clicking HERE.

Its is not the Home Office who have failed the British public, it is Mark Ockelton, Judge Mark O’Connor and ultimately the law itself.

The law is an arse, the judiciary is an arse, things must change!

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