Terrorist Attack In New-Zealand

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New Zealand Terrorist Attack

On September the 4th, there was another terrorist attack in New-Zealand, yet the news didn’t reach an international audience? In fact, very few media picked up on it at all!

Christchurch Massacre

If you were to Google search the internet right now, type in “New Zealand terrorist attack”. You will get reams and reams of hits about a deranged, murderous scumbag who shot around fifty people dead in a mosque.

The reason for you not picking any other hits for a terrorist attack in New Zealand is because an incident that occurred on September the 4th was not recorded as one.

It would seem that so-called “western” authorities like to hide terrorist attacks, by either logging the crime as something else or by using the good old tried and tested “mentally ill” angle. Either way, these “reporting strategies” are becoming more and more common, hiding the truth from the public.

Policeman Attacked – Allahu Akbar!

A 24-year-old man going by the name of Ruairi Kern Taylor decided to ram a police car and then chase the police officer down a highway with a tommahawk axe shouting “Allahu Akbar”. After giving up on the chase, he went back to the police car and made some modifications to it with the axe.

Taylor was later found wearing a police jacket and hat while shouting quotes from the Quran.

Nothing to see here, just an act of vandalism, a little bit of criminal damage maybe, possibly the use of threatening and abusive language. Media outlets have been eerily silent on this incident which begs the question, why is that?

It’s understandable when a nutjob goes into a mosque and kills innocent people there is an outrage and plenty of media attention to boot. It’s only right that the incident is reported as a terrorist act. But why, when a policeman is rammed and chased by a man with an axe shouting “Allahu Akbar” the incident is not deemed or reported as terror-related?

No, It Cant Be Terrorism

Ruairi Kern Taylor ended up pleading guilty to counts of assault with a weapon and one of intentional damage. The court heard that Taylor went to a hardware store and purchased a tomahawk axe, he then went home to pick up a sheathed diving knife which he then strapped to his legs.

Taylor then drove off in his Subaru Forester and noticed a police patrol car where Constable Steven Treloar had pulled a motorist over for a routine check. Taylor seeing the car with the flashing red and blue lights cranked up the stereo volume in his Subaru; incidentally, it was playing LOUD RELIGIOUS MUSIC. He then ploughed into the back of the police car and Constable Steven Treloar causing the constables head to hit the windscreen.

Taylor then got out of his Subaru and smashed the police car window with the axe he bought. Officer Treloar called for backup and managed to escape out of the passenger door, as he was running away Taylor pursued him with the tomahawk axe in hand. During the attack, Taylor was continually shouting “Allahu Akbar.” It is necessary to understand that this was indeed noted in the police report.

Officer Treloar managed to get away with the help of a member of the public.

When Taylor got arrested, he told police he was not “a practising Muslim”. However, that being said the imam at Mataura Masjid Islamic Centre, Zamberi Mat Yunus, said the defendant had attended prayer two or three times there.

Converted Maori After All?

Converted Maori After All?

Practising or not, converted or not, Ruairi Kern Taylor seemed, at least on its face, to draw from the Islamic religion and perpetrate an act of terrorism.

Just don’t report it as that!

You can read more HERE and HERE.

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