Terrorism Directed At Tommy Robinson Is Ok

by TR News

Abdul Basir is a frequent YouTuber who likes to upload threatening content. YouTube and the Police seem to think that terrorism directed at Tommy Robinson is ok.

So Much For Hate Speech

In Abdul’s latest video he not only makes a threat to beat Tommy Robinson up, he also goes further by saying he will “cut his fucking neck off”. He then goes on to say that he will “cut Prince Williams neck off” and “stab up” anyone he sees as English.

Prior to all of these threatening statements, he said “all white people are mental” and “fuck the white people”. Then he called his good friend Ali Dawa.

Despite making explicit threats against Tommy, white people in general, and Prince William, YouTube have not pulled his video down? Despite making explicit racially charged content that attacks and threatens people based on the colour of their skin while also promising acts of terrorism, Abdul Basir is still a free man?

Jihadi In The Making

Jihadi In The Making

Abdul Basir – A Jihadi In The Making?

Abdul Basir is a clear and present danger to British society; these are not the actions or words of a normal and productive UK citizen. He has made threats to Tommy in the past; the Police did nothing, that is until Tommy found him.

Just bear in mind the fact this video got uploaded on the 2nd of February 2018.

Police Do Your Job

Police have been given a load of intel, names, addresses, videos and recordings etc etc etc yet they do NOTHING about it. What is Tommy going to do when Muslims routinely threaten him, his wife, and his kid’s lives with impunity?

What would you do? What options do you have if the Police routinely ignore those threats? NOBODY has EVER been arrested, charged and prosecuted for the crimes of threatening to kill Tommy and/or his family.


No wonder Tommy gets frustrated, because the ONLY option left is to confront the threat head-on and do the Police’s work for them.

Maybe that’s what they want him to do.

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