Tell Mama, And It’s Guardianista Resisting Hate Nonsense

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Guardian Fake News

Police investigate UK “Far-Right” groups over anti-Muslim coronavirus claims. Tell Mama, And It’s Guardianista Resisting Hate Nonsense.

Countering Terrorism?

The Guardian is a propaganda tool for Fyaz Mughal’s “fake crime” reporting website. It said that counter-terrorism Police are investigating “far-right” groups using the coronavirus crisis to stoke “anti-Muslim sentiment”. Tell Mama said that it had to debunk “numerous claims” made on social media, one of which was a video showing a group of Muslim men leaving a “secret mosque” in inner-city Birmingham.

Here is the video in question.

A local resident reportedly took video footage of Muslims leaving a mosque (a converted terraced house) in Small Heath Birmingham. The local spoke to others in the area, telling them:

“There’s a lot of people in there, be careful.”

It was a clear warning from the local, with the coronavirus being so contagious and the health implications of breathing in a large “viral load” from congregants, he was right to warn others of a serious health risk.

Guardianista - Fake News

Guardianista – Fake News

Gratuitous Guardianista Guile

The Guardian gatekeeps for Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama explained that:

“A video shared on Telegram by Tommy Robinson, the founder and former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), was alleged to show a group of Muslim men leaving a “secret mosque” in inner-city Birmingham. The video was watched 10,000 times on the platform. The claims were subsequently dismissed by West Midlands police.”

TR.News is now going to “unpack” the Guardianista/Tell Mama spun narrative, another disingenuous hit piece wrapped in the perceived dangers of the “far-right” and “white nationalism” – linked of course to Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon).

The video was shared on Tommy Robinsons Telegram channel, but that’s about as much as the Guardian and Tell Mama got right. At the time of publishing this article, the video has been viewed over thirteen thousand times. The video (that was forwarded from another user) had a caption:

“Muslim man films fellow Muslims coming out of a mosque in small heath Birmingham!”

What seems to be missing is this odious, nefarious and dangerous link to the “far-right” and to “white nationalism”, we don’t understand where that came from Guardian?

Where is such a link?

Where is the proof?

Where does Tommy Robinson fit into your “far-right” and “white nationalist” narrative here?

TR.News can’t find any such links based off of a forwarded post from another Telegram user? Perhaps Nazia Parveen, the “journalist” who wrote this fallacious hit-piece in the Guardian could explain how she came to such a conclusion without providing any evidence of her claims?

Nazia Parveen also alleged that Tommy Robinsons Telegram feed shows a group of Muslim men leaving a “secret mosque” in inner-city Birmingham? Again Nazia where did you get this information from? The video posted on Tommy Robinsons Telegram feed is still there, there is no allegation, not from Tommy himself, or the Telegram user that posted the video, that Muslims were leaving a “secret mosque”.

For anyone interested you can view this post on Tommys Telegram channel by clicking here.

Nazia Parveen’s writing style does not provide facts, nor does it provide any context or proof of her said “allegations” against Tommy. The Guardian piece that she has written isn’t even an “opinion piece”, it’s gratuitously embellished and presented as some kind of “fact-based report”, albeit one filled with smears and numerous inaccuracies. And Nazia Parveen is the Guardian’s North of England Correspondent!

Facts Matter!

Nazia Parveen goes on to say that claims made about the video “were subsequently dismissed by West Midlands police”. We think that Nazia is referring to the “non-existent” claims she led with in her atrocious and fallacious hit piece on Tommy.

So what did West Midlands Police dismiss exactly?

According to the Birmingham Mail, Police said that:

“Members of the public rang police after seeing large numbers of men going into a mosque in Small Heath during the coronavirus lockdown – but the force has confirmed it is shut.”

They clarified further saying:

“…videos being circulated of people allegedly attending a mosque during the lockdown were taken before the measures were introduced.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said:

“We’re aware of a video circulating that appears to show a group of people leaving a mosque in Small Heath during the lockdown. Although we can confirm the footage was filmed in Small Heath, our officers have conducted enquiries and are satisfied that the mosque is currently closed. The neighbourhood team have spoken to many residents living on the street, who all confirmed that the mosque has not been open since the restrictions were announced last Monday (23 March).”

Tommy’s Telegram post, nor the original post forwarded to Tommy’s Telegram page EVER claimed the mosque was “open during a lockdown”. So Nazia, are you inferring that West Midlands Police dismissed a claim that Tommy Robinson NEVER made? It certainly reads that way in your hit piece! It is also worthwhile pointing out the West Midlands Police statement does not refer to Tommy Robinson, Tommy Robinson’s Telegram page, the “far-right” or even “white nationalists”, just for the record.

How does Nazia Parveen make the jump from opinion to “fact” when there is no evidence to corroborate her assertions about Tommy Robinson or his Telegram page? If anything at all (and this is a stretch), maybe Nazia could have claimed the “timing” of the post could lead people to believe the mosque was “open during the coronavirus lockdown”. When the video was circulating all over the internet, there was no timestamp (confirmed by the police). Also, any criticism of the “timing” would be moot! Given the fact that even before the “coronavirus lockdown” was legally enforced, people were warned about mass gatherings. This point is proven unequivocally by the very person who filmed Muslims in Small Heath piling out of the mosque; otherwise, why would he have said to another local resident?

“There’s a lot of people in there, be careful.”

Our guess is that he is a local Muslim who knew about the dangers, he took heed of the warnings about a deadly virus, one that spreads quickly and kills indiscriminately. His co-religionists not so much at that time.

Nazia Parveen - Award Winning Guardianista!

Nazia Parveen – Award Winning Guardianista!

Facts v’s Feelings

Nazia Parveen quotes Iman Atta, one of the directors of Tell Mama, he said:

“These extremists are using coronavirus to get their pervasive message across that somehow the Muslim communities are to blame for the spreading of the virus.”

Nazia Parveen also quotes a spokesperson from Hope Not Hate who said:

“Far-right activists in the UK are increasingly united in their view that globalisation and immigration are to blame for the ongoing pandemic. They are also relishing the opportunity to promote racist stereotypes and conspiracy theories about Chinese people on extreme message boards and channels.”

Nazia Parveen never once contacted us here at TR.News, nor did she contact Tommy Robinson himself giving him the right to reply or at least explain the reason for posting. Nazia Parveen writing for the Guardian did have time to quote a director of Tell Mama (a totally discredited organisation exposed for exaggerating Muslim hate crime) and a spokesperson of radical left-wing hate group Hope Not Hate. One wonders why she had time for them and not for Tommy?

In 2011 Nazia Parveen was named “Young Journalist Of The Year” at the annual GG2 Leadership Awards. She worked with Labour Blackburn MP Jack Straw on some of her stories.

When she won the award she said:

“I am delighted to have won. I think our role is an incredibly important one. We have to be professional at all times.”

Maybe her “professionalism” has slipped somewhat since joining the Guardian. Maybe Nazia should write a book titled: The Best Of Ethnic Britain – From Journalist To Guardianista!

Labour MP Tahir Ali

Birmingham Labour MP Tahir Ali

Muslims Defying Coronavirus Lockdown

Small Heath is just one of many Muslim enclaves in the United Kingdoms second city. West Midlands Police were called out to disperse a group of twenty Muslims who gathered in a Washwood Heath Park for “a prayer meeting.”


A West Midlands Police spokesperson said they:

“…were called to reports of about 20 people gathered in Washwood Heath at around 1.30pm yesterday afternoon.”

The statement added:

“We believe this was a prayer meeting. This week we have worked with local faith leaders to help us reinforce the suspension of all congregational activities in line with the government restrictions in a bid to prevent and slow down the transmission of (COVID-19). Unfortunately on this occasion, this group have not adhered to the restrictions.”

There is more evidence of Birmingham based Muslims not adhering to government restrictions to prevent and slow down the transmission of coronavirus. Tahir Ali, Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green attended a funeral with 100 other mourners at Sutton New Hall Cemetary. Birmingham City authorities only permit six people to participate in any funeral under their Covid-19 restrictions. Tahir Ali confirmed he had joined in prayers at the ceremony and “blasted the restrictions” limiting funeral numbers.

Let’s hope Tahir Ali doesn’t contract the coronavirus or pass it onto any other “mourners” at a funeral. Tahir Ali attended another funeral that day with twenty other mourners. However these “blasted restrictions” won’t deny him his right to be treated differently to everyone else in the UK as he intended to attend funerals in Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton in the coming days to do more ‘observations’.

What a great man, what a leader, what a pillar of the community, what a great example!

Mohammed Arif is the interim president of the Union of Muslim Organisations (UMO) in Walsall (a town just outside of Birmingham) and he said:

“Members of our community are still gathering in local shops. We need to strike a message home how deadly this is. We are urging the local community and particularly those with underlying health conditions to please stay at home. Experts’ worst predictions about a higher death rate amongst Muslims than other communities are becoming true.”

Mohammed Arif is right, yet he is not brandished “far-right” nor is he labelled a “white nationalist” – is he Nazia?

The Express and Star have published another “hate fact” for Nazia.

“Despite mosques closing their doors and urging worshippers to pray at home and strong advice to stay safe being issued, people have been reportedly gathering elsewhere, such as in local shops.”

Muslims stay at home, stop congregating, listen to the medical science behind social distancing measures, stop being selfish, stop thinking you should be treated differently to everyone else by virtue of your faith and Nazia start reporting the TRUTH!

Haras Rafiq - White Nationalist

Stop with the hate Haras you racist white nationalist you!

Editorial note: This article is in no way saying that ALL Muslims behave like petulant children because they don’t. There does however seem to be a disproportionate number of people from the Muslim community who really don’t care for the lives of others. This article is in no way saying that ALL journalists behave like defamatory and disingenuous left-wing “Guardianistas”, but there is a disproportionate number who do!

Isn’t that right Nazia?

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