Teaching TRANSGENDERISM In Schools And Nurseries

by TR News

Britain is in a bit of a weird place right now; the transgender agenda has arrived, its a thriving economy and it will only get bigger. Is teaching transgenderism in schools and nurseries a good thing though?

Because back in 2017, primary school teachers were being told to include books that featured transgender parents “on the curriculum.”

Guidance from the National Association of Head Teachers said that “trans perspectives” MUST be visible in any classroom; they believe this will combat prejudice.

You can find a link to that by clicking HERE.

Tackling Bullying Or Social Engineering?

The Department for Education produced a document entitled “Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying” back in June 2018 which touched on the subject of the LGBTQ issue. The report provides guidance and case studies as to how schools have dealt with the LGBTQ issue.

You can find that document by clicking HERE.

Tackling Bullying Or Social Engineering?

Tackling LGBTQ Bullying Or Social Engineering?

The report centres on how to deal with bullying, of course, bullying is a problem, and certainly so with children who appear “out of the norm” let’s say. Nobody here will condone bullying of any kind, it is an issue that should be tackled, but perhaps not to the detriment of other pupils and their parents.

That being said, the report touches on a few points that we would like to highlight here. Firstly, the report itself gives case studies on how to “Improve preventative practices and support for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) pupils”. Of the three case studies tackling this specific form of bullying the case studies were based on one high school, one sixth form and one middle school that consisted of 9-13-year-old pupils.

There is no case study at all, for ANY primary school, neither is there a case study for any nursery or pre-school. This is important to know, save that thought.

Let’s look at a case study for Highfield Middle School (Northumberland) because that is as close as we can get to the age group of the Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham. Why have we chosen that specific school? Because of media attention drawn to Muslim protests, the Muslim community is not happy with their children being taught about LGBTQ issues. The school-age range at Anderton Park is from 3-11.

You can see articles we have published previously about Anderton Park Primary School by clicking HERE and HERE and HERE.

The DFE report also states that:

Highfield Middle School has worked with a number of support organisations including Stonewall, Diversity Role Models, Trinity Youth Project and the Tavistock & Portman Gender Identity Development Service to develop a range of practices to support transgender pupils AND EDUCATE ALL PUPILS ABOUT DIFFERENT SEXUALITIES.

These organisations can and do provide textbooks and services to schools to aid them with LGBTQ issues. They will most probably assist schools in terms of their legal curricular obligations going forward.

You can find Stonewall books for children by clicking HERE.

Stonewall "Educational" Books

Stonewall “Educational” Books

The report states that among other things, Highfield Middle School:

Developed a “transgender toolkit” for schools through work conducted with their local authority.

Stonewall also has a toolkit on their website which you can find by clicking HERE.

It is notable the report singles out the earliest age group as being ages 9-13. Nothing in the report speaks of any younger ages at all, neither does it mention anything about pre-schools or nurseries.

Bear that in mind.

Also bear in mind that the National Association of Head Teachers is a teaching union made up 28,500 school leaders, most of whom are “primary” heads.

Compulsory State Indoctrination?

As of September 2020, ALL pupils MUST learn about LGBTQ relationships BEFORE they leave school. Education Secretary Damian Hinds announced that pupils “of ALL ages” will have COMPULSORY lessons from September 2020. However, the current guidance states that there is a “right to withdraw” their children from some or all sex education delivered as part of statutory RSE (Relationship and Sexuality Education).

DO NOT CONFUSE sex education with RELATIONSHIPS EDUCATION or HEALTH EDUCATION as these topics are not covered by the “right to withdraw”. Your children HAVE to be taught about relationships and health, this includes the “relationships” and “familial lives” of the LGBTQ community. For example, a child can have two dads or two moms, or a mom who dresses like a dad and a dad who dresses like a mom. This could well include teaching about a mom who wants to become a man and a dad who wants to become a woman. Such topics would fit neatly into the T (transgender) of the LGBTQ “relationship” education.

In 2017 during the passage of the Children and Social Work Act, Parliament made the decision not to extend the right to withdraw to Relationships Education; therefore, this will apply to primary-age school children. You can find that in the consultation document by clicking HERE.

No Right To Withdraw Children From LGBTQ Realtionship Classes

No Right To Withdraw Children From LGBTQ Realtionship Classes

You will find further clarification that parents DO NOT have the “right to withdraw” their children from LGBTQ “relationship education” on page 23 of the Statutory guidance for RSE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education).

You can find that by clicking HERE.

No Right To Withdraw

No Right To Withdraw Children From LGBTQ Realtionship Classes

Despite the consultation document showing that of 373 people who were asked about teaching LGBT – 185 were against it and only 77 were for it as you can see below.

LGBTQ Questions

LGBTQ Questions


Nobody here at TR.News wants any child bullied for being who or whatever they are, let’s make that absolutely clear. There is a justified contention between parents and what the government and the LGBTQ lobby want in terms of educating our children. There is also a contention at what age that “education” happens, which is currently being played out as a “controversy” at Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham. Also, the current guidance gives no specific age as to what time such “education” is deemed “age-appropriate”, that is left to the school and local authorities to decide. Is it 4-5 years is it 8-9 years? Nobody knows exactly.

The legal compulsions associated with LGBTQ “relationship education” means that NO parent can withdraw their children from such classes, at least not in any legal sense.

Children are incredibly vulnerable and easily influenced by those around them, they are also easily influenced by their teachers and whatever ideologies they follow.

We think that children should be taught about kindness and acceptance. Children being taught that boys can be girls and that girls can be boys through “transgender relationship education” is a serious issue. The damage done to impressionable children by influencing or “educating” gender dysphoria is tantamount to child abuse.

If a son tells his father he is spiderman, would or should the father embrace it wholeheartedly and say “Sure son, of course you are! Why don’t you go and climb to the top of that skyscraper, jump off it, and cast your spidey webs so you can swing from building to building”.

Any father would be INSANE to suggest that. So why is it ok and right for children to be taught and influenced that girls can be boys and boys can be girls when the damage can cause lifelong consequences?

The transgender ideology will cause cognitive and psychological issues in young children if they are exposed to it. America has had many documented problems with the transgender agenda, many of which do not end well.

The United Kingdom is also heading that way now. Children as young as three years of age have been given puberty blockers. Children who struggle with their sexuality are being wrongly diagnosed as being transgender when, in fact, they are gay.

There is only one place in the UK who carry out “transgender experimentations”. That is the NHS Gender Identity Development Service in London, it is run by the Tavistock and Portman Trust. Remember the Tavistock and Portman Trust just so happened to play a big part in the case study of Highfield Middle School that we mentioned earlier in this article.

You can find more about them by clicking HERE.

Where does the transgender agenda actually stop? Transgender “lessons” are being given to children as young as two! Yes, you heard correctly, drag queens are being brought into NURSERY SCHOOLS to advocate “queer” role models and teach infants about misogyny, homophobia and racism through “storytelling”.

You can find more about that by clicking HERE.

Children need to grow, find their own feet, find their own sexuality, understand there are differences between men and women. Children should be allowed to grow up AND THEN make a decision as to who they are and what they want to be. Children don’t need to be exposed to sexualisation or confused by gender identity, kids need to be kids.

Schools and government should keep out of young impressionable minds with the poison of the transgender agenda, given the fact that almost 50% of transgendered people commit or have attempted suicide in the UK we dont want out children being “influenced” into questioning their gender identity.

If you are concerned about your childs education then please get in touch with your childrens school headteacher and have a serious discussion.

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