TANKED MAN: Twitter ‘Sorry’ For Censoring Chinese Dissidents Ahead of Tiananmen Square Anniversary

by TR News

THE EVENTS in Tiananmen Square shocked the post-Berlin Wall world in the late-80s, but social media giant Twitter attempted to silence Chinese dissidents ahead of the 30th anniversary of the shocking state-backed massacre.

The mass state murder of dozens of young Chinese activists in 1989 shocked the world, but in China – talk of the brutal crackdown on protesters is still banned, and China’s sophisticated online network bans any Chinese citizen from even mentioning it.

U.S.-based tech giant Twitter decided to BAN a ‘large number of Chinese-language user accounts’ that included profiles that belonged to critics of the ruthless Chinese regime just days before the 30th anniversary.

“A large number of Chinese @Twitter accounts are being suspended today,” wrote Yaxue Cao.

“They ‘happen’ to account critical of China, both inside and outside China.”

Twitter later apologized for the ‘error’ after being accused of participating in ‘Chinese level internet censorship.’

Twitter’s Public Policy account said it suspended “a number of accounts this week” mostly for “engaging in a mix of spamming, inauthentic behaviour, & ban evasion.” It acknowledged, however, that some of the accounts “were involved in commentary about China.”

“These accounts were not mass reported by the Chinese authorities — this was a routine action on our part,” the company said. “Sometimes, our routine actions catch false positives, or we make errors. We apologize. We’re working today to ensure we overturn any errors but that we remain vigilant in enforcing our rules for those who violate them.”

More follows.


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