Tampering In Temerity – Trudeau The New Trotsky

by TR News

Canada is fast becoming a modern-day incarnation of an authoritarian Bolshevik state. Tampering In Temerity – Trudeau The New Trotsky.

Trudeau The New Trotsky

You really do have to watch this video to believe it. Canada is run by a thin-skinned blackface, a man who’s hardly whiter than white. Ezra Levant at Rebel Media has produced an astonishing video exposing the inner workings and dealings of a bureaucratic authoritarian institution, one that serves at the pleasure of Justin Trudeau.

All the parties of capitalist society, all its moralists and all its sycophants will perish beneath the debris of the impending catastrophe. The only party that will survive is the party of the world socialist revolution.

             Leon Trotsky

Trudeau is morphing into the second coming of Leon Trotsky, a man leading another Bolshevik revolution leaving a trail of persecution behind him, his bureaucratic minions laying waste to the very notion of freedom. Trudeau is quietly replacing democracy with an unhinged aggressive authoritarianism, one that is quick to crush dissenting views.

What will it take for Canada to remove a left-wing autocrat from power? If Trudeau is the new Trotsky, will it take another Stalin to wrest power and banish him to the political peripheries of Mexico?

What comes next?

Book burning?

The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.

              Leon Trotsky

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