Tabloid TRUTH Or Tabloid TRASH?

by TR News

Sometimes the news cycle slows down, and there’s not too much going on, this poses a bit of a problem for so-called journalists because that is their bread and butter.

However, there is something that all journalists can fall back on – social media.

Yesterday we couldn’t help but notice the tabloid press had another “juicy angle” to hit Tommy Robinson with and beat anyone who supports him.

Two birds – one stone.

Check out these headlines:

Ryanair lout who was part of group who abused woman is Tommy Robinson fan(Mirror)

Ryanair lout whose rowdy group branded female passenger a ‘lesbo’, ‘d**e’ and b***h’ is revealed to be a Tommy Robinson supporter(Mail)

What can we all make of this?

Well for a start, Tommy Robinson has NOTHING at all to do with whatever happened on a Ryanair flight, he was not on the plane.

You will notice on both tabloid articles, the Mirror and the Mail only reported on one side of the story, the lads accused of “homophobic insults” have not had their side of the story published in either rag. This leads to a trial of public opinion.

A very one-sided trial of public opinion.

Trial by Twitter and Tabloid Trash.

Is this where we are in today’s society?

These lads, whether they hurled insults or not, are now tied to Tommy Robinson through national newspapers and Twitter, they have jobs and family, one is due a baby soon. So what are the potential repercussions of that? Well, they could lose their jobs, they could be a target of far-left and Islamist attacks.

All this based on a single tweet by Laura Muldoon, a tweet that gives one side of the story which tabloid trash picked up and publicised all over the internet.


What makes this egregious just on its face, is that a friend of Laura’s told the Mirror:

“Laura feels the whole thing is getting blown up and that tells you what a nice girl she is. She probably doesn’t want them to get into trouble.”

That’s a bit like a friend of a girl you like saying;

“shes nice once you get to know her”.

In other words:

“She’s a complete C**t , but you will get used to it.”

If Laura “doesn’t want them to get into trouble” then why make a complaint so public on social media? She had the choice to make a complaint privately, provide any evidence to Ryanair and then let them look at what happened to then evaluate the validity of her claim, we are pretty sure there were witnesses on the plane.

But no, she didn’t, she chose a different course, one that tabloid trash feed on when the news cycle is so desperately slow.

Laura Muldoon is a “social media manager” at the Museum of London, we would assume that, as well as knowing how to use and utilise social media platforms for a benefit, she would also know how to send a private email? She would probably be able to pick up a phone, call a number and speak to someone and complain that way too?

Given that her twitter post states Ryanair flight crew “did nothing” about it, suggests that they did not see the alleged incident as anything untoward or threatening, perhaps the opposite of what Laura has alleged online, of course, this was an obvious point of contention for Laura, that’s why she Tweeted it.

Perhaps Ryanair could maybe try something radical? Something like asking the lads, who have been plastered with an online hate label, for their version of events?

People say and do silly stuff all the time, that’s part and parcel of life, people also allege things because of their views on what they see as right and wrong, however, who is to say their beliefs, their views are correct and immediately take the position that others are not?

People like that tend to be beholden to ideology. Enslaved by it even.

We won’t make a judgment on this because there’s just not enough information out there to make one, its a shame that Twitter Police and Tabloid Trash don’t think the same way, however, we don’t expect them to.

Policing language and behaviour retroactively, without any context, without hearing the other side of the story and involving the Police is tantamount to tyranny.

You are guilty, and now you must prove your innocence!

That seems a little back to front to us?

There are, however, plenty of tyrannical ideologues out there who prefer that kind of backward thinking, and fully endorse trial by Twitter.

A world of tyranny and language policing is a world we don’t want or need to live in.

Sticks and stones snowflakes…

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