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There are plenty of ways people can contribute to any given cause, whether it be through financial means, providing moral support, or volunteering your time or services.

We at TR.News know we have a dedicated, passionate and loyal following, we aim to provide you with news, angles and expose’s that no other mainstream media outlet are prepared to do. We do not follow the dictates of accepted speech codes foisted upon us by the left; we are proud to be politically incorrect.

So what can we do for you, something mutually beneficial perhaps?

We want to hear your voice, your opinions, your views and give you the chance to have your say on the TR.News platform.

How can you do that?

By simply emailing an article contribution over to us at this email address – writers@tr.news

What are we looking for?

We are looking for well-written opinion pieces, reference articles, political articles, religious articles, international news, culture news, expose’s of the far-left, personal stories and more.

Before submitting anything to us, we ask that you take note of the following:

We love evidence based articles; if you can provide well-sourced links with them, an opinion becomes incredibly strong; in fact, it can change an opinion into news.

What we dont accept….

We don’t do racism or white supremacy because that’s retarded, if that’s your bag then why even associate with TR.News? Stormfront is just a click away for you.

We do not accept any attached files; if you send a file with your email, we will not open it, your contribution will be ignored and deleted. All contributions will need to be sent in text-only format within the body of the email itself; the preferred title of your article should be in the subject box of the email. We do this to avoid malware infecting our systems, there are plenty of people who want to silence us, infecting computers with viruses is just one of many tools used against us.

All contributions will be checked editorially for grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability and fact-checked. We also reserve the right to make any necessary amendments, upon request we can notify you of any changes we would like to make beforehand.

Let us know your writing name; you can use your own name, you can use a pseudonym or contribute anonymously if you prefer.

So, do you want to contribute to TR.News?

Email us at writers@tr.news


Please bear with us as we will have a lot of contributions to sift through, we will always endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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