Strategem Of War – The Art Of Lawfare

by TR News

Tommy Robinson is without question, one of the most, if not the most persecuted person in the UK. Strategem Of War – The Art Of Lawfare

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Ever since Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) started his activism, he has had to suffer the slings and woes of judicial tyranny. As a man unafraid, undeterred and relentless in the pursuit of truth while providing “the other side to the story” Tommy has been singled out by the government, the police, the judicial system and by his ideological opponents as “persona non grata”.

He has been censored, defamed, lied about and castigated as the very worst of humanity according to the mainstream press. All too often the media will run with a headline to promote their “opinion” or “preferred politically motivated narrative” of Tommy Robinson; they never ever “get into the weeds” to provide a truly accurate or nuanced story about him. Why should they though? They are the enemy of the people, an extension of the globalist oligarchy.

Jaundiced Judiciary

Tommy needs your help; he is the tip of the spear in the fight for truth and the ability to bring you news that mainstream media will not. People have wondered why he has been quiet this year, well the truth is he’s been working incredibly hard on a few projects, ones that will shock and disturb many. He’s been working and gathering evidence for upcoming documentaries, however, he has also had to contend with numerous cases of litigation and ever-increasing legal fees along the way.

Latest Legal Fees – LAWFARE!

The purpose of litigation is to have Tommy tied up in the courts, to break him financially, and it has worked. How he manages to cope with this amount of stress is beyond any conventional thinking, lesser men would crumble at the very first hurdle, many have. As you can see in the screengrabs above, Tommy is required to pay nearly eight thousand pounds for legal representation because he detained a man who was fleeing the scene of a crime, a man who is now charged with sexually assaulting a minor.

The other screengrab you will find that the courts are charging him for defending himself against a young man who saw fit to spit in his face, which is an assault on his person. However, despite no further legal action being taken against Tommy for his altercation with a disgusting spitting leftist ideologue full of hate, he has to pay over three thousand pounds in court fees. You really can’t make this up, he gets assaulted, he defends himself, he is not prosecuted, the spitting antagonist gets a caution, and now he’s left with court fees?


Now we look into the case of Jamal, the Syrian schoolboy, this litigation is running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. By the time the Jamal case has finished, that could cost anything up to ONE MILLION POUNDS!

If you take a look at the one screengrab above, you will notice the Judge confirms Tommy was working in the capacity of a journalist and that the footage of the assault was gathered as “journalistic material” at the time. So that means Tommy is a JOURNALIST.

In the case of Bailey and Jamal, Bailey was immediately castigated as some kind of racist bully for a playground brawl at school. That happens a lot in the court of public opinion and mainstream media, so-called “journalists” and media figures like Piers Morgan immediately framed this playground spat as a racist attack, that the boy who carried out the attack “waterboarded” the young refugee???

As it turned out these claims were baseless, Bailey was not charged with any hate crime, as with most things, there’s another side to this story, one that Tommy brought to light putting him firmly in the crosshairs of a corrupt media, malicious political hacks and a judicial system intent on breaking his resolve, his family and ultimately bankrupt him. He recently went to court, and a judge ruled he had no “public interest protections” which are protections afforded to JOURNALISTS.

If you want to know more about Bailey CLICK HERE.

Piers Morgan can call out a racially motivated attack on national television, no doubt because there is a “public interest” even though there was no evidence and ultimately no conviction of a so-called “racially motivated hate crime”. But that is Piers Morgan; he is treated differently; he has protections afforded to him that Tommy never will. Piers is a big part player in the corporatist globalist media system.

One judge says Tommy is a journalist; the other does not, so go figure out that inconsistency if you will.

So to conclude, Tommy needs your help, he can’t keep fighting this corrupt system on his own, he can’t keep suffering the slings and woes of politically motivated lawfare, Tommy fights for us all, the burden is too great for one man to carry, maybe you can help alleviate that burden?

There is a lot more to follow in due course.

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