Stop Mentally And Physically Abusing Children – #StopTransChildAbuse

by TR News
James As A Happy Boy With His Dad Jeffrey

We published an article yesterday about the sad story of a mother pushing her seven-year-old son into gender transitioning. Stop Mentally And Physically Abusing Children – #StopTransChildAbuse


We published an article about the terrible life-changing process a mother wants her son to go through to become a girl. We also highlighted the fact that this “gender dysphoria” seems to have been imprinted onto James Younger since he was three years of age. You can find that article HERE which features the video proving that to be the case.

James Youngers mother isn’t his biological mother because she gestated donated eggs through in-vitro fertilisation. James’s mother also happens to be a medical “professional”, shes a paediatrician who has her own practice which goes by the mantra of “modern parenting”. Her website even featured a picture of James wearing a pink dress, like a prize “trans-inclusive trophy”.

James Dressed Up For His Mothers Paediatric Practice

James Dressed Up For His Mothers Paediatric Practice

Part of the “modern parenting” just so happens to be encouraging her son to transition into a girl. Dr Anne Georgulas (James’s mother) was convinced that James was a boy in a girls body because he wanted a “girl” toy from MacDonalds, he wore dresses and imitated female Disney characters from the film Frozen.

The child abusing mother, Dr Georgulas enrolled James in kindergarten and school under the female name of “Luna”, so this happened at a very early age. Since the age of three years, James’s mother has “affirmed” James’s “female gender”. The boy has had over four years of his mother dressing him up as a girl, putting makeup on him, painting his nails – basically feminising him.

A Fathers Fight – A Fathers Pain

James, when he was with his father, showed no signs of ever wanting to be a girl, dress up as a girl, wear makeup or any such thing, nothing even remotely feminine related. This poses a question – if James doesn’t want to engage in female related activities, dress or makeup when he’s with his dad, could James’s gender dysphoria be caused by his mothers influence?

After fighting for sole custody in court James’s father lost his case, a jury set about diminishing his influence over his son’s life by stating James’s mother should have sole custodial authority for decision making. Her sole authority over James’s life would have included cross-sex hormone therapy and chemical castration, maybe even sex-change surgery.

A Public Outcry – #StopTransChildAbuse

James’s father did the right thing; he stayed calm in the face of provocation, he launched a website called which brilliantly outlines his case to save his son from a mother who desperately wants James to be her little girl, you can find that website HERE. James’s father’s evidence to save his boy from the transgender agenda can be found HERE.

Greg Abbott Calls For Investigation Of James's Case

Greg Abbott Calls For Investigation Of James’s Case

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has weighed into the controversy of transgendering a boy child. He has confirmed the Texas Attorney Generals Office and the Texas Department of Family Protective services will look into this matter. Also despite the jury concluding Mr Younger shouldn’t have sole custodial authority as well as diminishing his custodial rights, the judge Kim Cooks of the 255th district ruled that both parents will have joint conservatorship (custody) over James. This is excellent news because it means James’s mother will not be able to go ahead with any “medical transitioning” without the express consent of James’s dad Jeffrey Younger.

Although James’s mother can carry on “affirming” a female gender to James, she will not be able to go ahead with puberty blockers or chemical castration or any medical surgery without consent. Isn’t it sad that such a decision can be seen as a “victory” in the grand scheme of things?

We will keep a close eye on what the Attorney Generals Office in Texas says on this matter, also the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Together we must stop trans child abuse.

Read more HERE.



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