‘STONE COLD LOSER’ Donald Trump BLASTS Little Sadiq As He Touches Down in London

by TR News

PRESIDENT Donald Trump sent a direct message to failing London Mayor Sadiq Khan who claimed that it was ‘Un-British’ to roll out the red carpet for him ahead of his state visit.

Just minutes before touching down at Stansted Airport, Mr Trump, 72 tweeted: “.@SadiqKhan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom.

Trump wasn’t finished there, he added: “He is a stone-cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me……”

In a second tweet to smash the leftist London bubble that Khan resides in, Mr Trump tweeted: “….Kahn reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job – only half his height. In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom, and am looking very much forward to my visit. Landing now!”

Mr Trump’s tweets will delight the sufferers of the London centric media who have been forced to endure voices like Khan’s being the prominent message about the Trump visit.

Sky News was slammed before Mr Trump arrived as the biased news outlet promoted the third state visit by a sitting US President in the past 20 years with a controversial Trump blimp promo from his last visit in Summer 2018.

Mr Trump, who arrived in the UK this morning – is one of Britain’s closest allies, yet the news channel that was recently taken over by NBC News’ parent company, Comcast was hit with a fierce backlash from British Trump fans.

Brent Speechly took to Twitter to slam Sky News, he wrote: “Incredibly disrespectful considering Britain is our closest ally!”

Another user going by the name of Hamish08, hit back: “Unbelievable how you are condoning this sky news you forget you are meant to represent the whole of uk not just London.”

Fiona Unwin wrote: “This is shameful.”

Mr Trump is set to receive a wide amount of support when he arrives in the UK, last year the majority of working-class Brits supported his visit and backed the President.

Britain’s Elitist mainstream media pushed a London-centric narrative of hate, protests and anti-Trump sentiment but every day Brits across the UK supported Donald.

Trump gets the mood in Working-Class Britannia and he last year that he thought the UK voted for Brexit because of immigration and said he “partially” won the US election on the issue.

He said last year: “It’s fine. They like me a lot in the UK. I think they agree with me on immigration.” He added: “I think that’s why Brexit happened.”


I spoke to working-class Brits across the country during last years state visit, here’s what they made of Trump’s UK visit.

Aaron Gaden, 28 from Plymouth said: “I wish we had Trump as our Prime minister negotiating Brexit.

We would have already left by now and probably have a free trade deal with the EU as well thanks to his tough negotiating style!”

He is right on immigration, trade, security, the economy and terrorism! Donald Trump is similar to Nigel Farage, he just has a much bigger set of balls, he is less “politically correct”, more in tune with working-class folk and he has a much bigger voice. Donald Trump does all of this using his massive platform and reach to challenge the leftist culture war that is raging today.

Stephanie Jade Beard, 24 from Oldham said: “I think he’s trying to do what he thinks is best for his country which is the whole point of his job. Least we know what he stands for.”

Posh Tom from North London, 26 said: “He’s the best US President for decades. Already making the world safer, his people more prosperous and exposing the swindling of the liberal elite.”

Ross Atkinson from Doncaster said: “Not entirely what I would like from a president, many of his policies will hurt the working class especially his attempt at a trade war with the world (and the disaster that is tariffs) however the attacks on him are just the elites being backed into a corner because they aren’t getting what they want for once.

[He’s] Also a top boy for the fact that he tells the media like Buzzfeed exactly what everyone thinks of them.”

Jan Falconer from Newcastle, 58 – “[He] tells it like it is, in true businessman fashion, and that’s exactly why he is disliked by the perpetually offended. Top Bloke. Aged 58, Newcastle Upon Tyne.”

Brummy Blake Stiles, 32 said: “I wish he was our leader. Patriotic and he does what’s best for his country. He’s a business man first so he gets things done and he doesn’t seem to be part of the criminal corrupt elite.”

Michael Jones, 50 from Southampton said: “Trump is a man with faults like the rest of us but a true leader and welcome in England. Wish he was one of ours!”

Gabby Coverson, Halesowen (Dudley) 65 said: “He is an idiot as far as his misogyny is concerned. But his political policies are spot on, particularly those on immigration from the middle east. He is most welcome as far as I am concerned.”

Carol Anne, 61 from Cheshire said: “I like the fact that President Trump Does Do the things that he says he’s going to do. He puts his own people first which is how Every Country should be run. He has a lot of followers in Britain and is Well Liked here regardless of what the media portray.”

Dave Elliott, 54, West Lancs said: “I’m a disabled veteran and I reckon he’s great, does what he says and isn’t afraid to upset the snowflakes.”

Bobby Hepple, 41 from Newcastle said. “Top Man. understands immigration and how Europe is slowly losing it’s identity, we need to vote ukip or independently we need rid of the treasonous tory party, labour party, and lib dems who sold us down the river for to long”

You didn’t read those views in the Mainstream Media!

We will be covering Trump’s state visit for the next few days here on TR.NEWS


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