Speakers Corner – Predictable Media Reports Ad Nauseam

by TR News

Tommy Robinson -real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, far-right, former EDL leader. Speakers Corner – Predictable Media Reports Ad Nauseam.

Predictable Propaganda

So its the day after Tommy was unceremoniously and unjustly arrested at speakers corner by the met police force as he was leaving the area. Tommy only went to speakers corner to wish Hatun Tash well and show her some love and support for the work she does. Tommy was incensed after seeing Hatun get assaulted by someone whose skin is so thin he acted out like a petulant, spoiled, aggressive infantilised child.

Mocking, exposing or satirising Islam and the false prophet Mohammad is an offence to many Muslims. Still, here in the west, we have freedom of speech. There can be no justifiable reasons for assault or an attempt on someone’s life merely for holding views and opinions some “overly sensitive” folk may not like.

Britain is not Islamistan!

Anyway on with the predictable predilections of the press.

First, we have MyLondon news:


Then we have the Metro:

The Metro

Then we have the Evening Standard:

Then there is the Daily Mail:

The Daily Mail

The left-wing toilet paper known as the Guardian, went with:

The Guardian


The left-wing Mirror chip paper went in hard and fast on Tommy:

The Mirror

The not so Independent newspaper decided to use a “journalist” other than Lizzie Dearden (has she fallen out of love with Tommy?):

The Independent

These screengrabs and links are from a “broad swathe” of news publications that supposedly range from left, right and centrist “editorial leanings” yet here we have all of them apparently borrowing from the very same talking points?

Isn’t that strange?

“Former leader of the EDL (English Defence League)– “far-right activist” – “real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon” etc etc etc repeated over and over again ad nauseaum.

It reads as if mainstream media work in unison, and with the same modus operandi when it comes to editorial standards and publications specifically about Tommy Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. And no follow up publications (that we have seen yet at least) of Tommy facing NO CHARGES after his unjust politically motivated arrest?

How very strange indeed!

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