Socialism Is A Really Bad Idea

by TR News
Socialism - A Really Bad Idea

Digital billboards up and down the UK will now be displaying positive messages about Socialism. Asking the question – Is Socialism a really bad idea? Is no different to asking if bears s**t in the woods. Unequivocally, undoubtedly, the answer is, of course, a resounding YES!

The former Labour International Development Secretary Clare Short, Trade Union Congress leader Frances O’Grady and artist Martin Firrell have come up with some very public methods of far-left indoctrination using digital advertisement boards up and down the UK.

Socialism Is A Really Bad Idea

With the help of the Clear Channel Company, Martin Firrell can promote Socialism. Martin can also push for gender constructs and explore what “power” is, no doubt to push against the terrible patriarchy we live in.

Martin has stated that:

“I believe men and woman regard power differently, and I want to ‘open up the layers of that difference’ in front of the public. My residency with Clear Channel makes that possible. If you can create debate, eventually change will follow.”

Justin Cochrane, the Clear Channel CEO, has proudly stated:

“Clear Channel’s national digital network of screens is uniquely positioned as the perfect “art gallery” to broadcast Martin’s thought-provoking work. We’re proud to be supporting this project that opens up public conversation on progressiveness and promotes Fairness – one of Clear Channel’s core values.”

Are Muslim Child Rapists Equal To Law Abiding Citizens?

Are Muslim Child Rapists Equal To Law Abiding Citizens?

We don’t think that all members of society are equal. Muslim child rapists, for example, are not equal to anyone in society, they are evil. Those who hold supremacist beliefs based on the colour of someone’s skin or religion are not equal. There is no societal equality when there is so much corruption and evil in our world, Socialism is not the answer to those evils.

Socialism Is Not Moral It Makes Everyone Equally Poor

Socialism Is Not Moral It Makes Everyone Equally Poor

Socialism is about making everyone equally poor, equally vulnerable and equally destitute. History tells us this as a fact. Name one Socialist country that has ever worked out for the best?

Capitalism, although imperfect, has raised billions of people out of poverty and disease. Capitalism gives people a chance to climb the ladder and better themselves with the opportunities it provides.

Socialism leaves people destitute, desperate and diseased, there’s no “moral” argument for that.

For Claire Short to come up with the words – “Socialism is a moral idea” as an advertisement is about as disingenuous as it gets. But then again, what do you expect?

You can find out more HERE and HERE.

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