Singing For A Marxist REVOLUTION

by TR News

Danielle Rowley is a Labour MP and a shadow climate minister campaigner. Danielle and her Labour colleagues are singing for a Marxist revolution in the House of Commons.

Corbyn’s Comunista Comrades

Everybody knows that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is a party of the very far-left. The Labour Party’s Socialist and Communist leanings were on full display as Comrade Corbyn acolytes sang their dear little hearts out in the House of Commons.

The soulless ballad of “The Red Flag” echoed through the chambers of Parliament, perhaps as an ode to a coming communist revolutionary storm here in Britain.

Danielle Rowley posted on her twitter account a recording of this tone-deaf rendition to advertise the fact that the authoritarian left is here to shake things up in British politics.

Danielle Rowley a Socialist Revolutionary

Danielle Rowley a Socialist Revolutionary

You can find that tweet here:

No doubt Jeremy Corbyn would have been impressed by the sheer “talent” he has backing his political agenda.

The Authoritarian Left

Everybody who has a sense of history knows that Socialism/Communism has been an abject failure for humanity. It cost the lives of appoximately 100 MILLION people worldwide in the 20th century alone, yet we are expected to embrace another wave of left-wing totalitarianism?

The Results Of Karl Marx's Manifesto Of The Communist Party

The Results Of Karl Marx’s Manifesto Of The Communist Party

Wherever Socialism has taken hold in this world, it has caused misery, degradation, the forced repression of individualism and abject poverty. It has produced the very worst tyrannical, oppressive and murderous regimes the world has ever known. Even Nazis were Socialists; such is the irony.

Socialism hides behind the semantics of tolerance and inclusion when in reality it divides, represses and ultimately bankrupt’s the state. It crushes the individual and leaves its people frustrated and in a state of continual social and economic regression.

Capitalism may have its faults, but it has managed to pull MILLIONS of people worldwide OUT of poverty, Socialism has done the opposite while murdering voices who dare to dissent.

Who wants to give Socialism another chance?

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Make your votes count!

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