Should we BLAME Osman Faruqi for Christchurch?

by Avi Yemini

The deputy editor of ABC Life, Osman Faruqi, has taken to Twitter to blame racism for the Christchurch massacre that left 49 people dead and 20 others seriously injured.

Mr Faruqi also Tweeted how the murderer mentioned the rise of “anti-white racism” as one of his reasons for perpetrating the sickening attack on innocent people.

However, Mr Faruqi is no stranger to racism. He often takes part in the spread of anti-white racism, in some of his online rants.

Muslim leaders have often blamed “anti-Islamic rhetoric” for the rise of home-grown Islamic terror. If we were to apply their own logic, Osman Faruqi would have to be blamed for the Christchurch attack.

Mr Faruqi’s mother, Mehreen Faruqi, who became Australia’s first Muslim senator in 2018, has also been known to “normalise racism and hatred” against white people.


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