SHARIA UK: Prominent Islamic Figure Says SHARIA Is ‘On It’s Way’ In The UK

by TR News

MOHAMMED Hijab – a prominent figure in the Islamic community in Britain recently took to Twitter unashamedly saying that “Britain on it’s (sic) way to implementing Sharia Law”.

His Tweet comes following the UK’s move to block access to pornography without viewers undergoing rigorous age verification checks.

For those who don’t know, Hijab is regular at Speakers Corner and has a strong following of deluded Muslims.

Week in week out he adopts the role of pseudo theologian and preaches the ‘Dawah’ to anyone with the proclivity to listen. His dubious persona and an elevated sense of self-worth are tantamount to narcissism, he has shown his true colours with his recent Tweet.

Hijab has often said that Sharia Law being implemented in the UK is not his aim. The point of contention is that you cannot use a conversation between a Muslim and non-believer in open debate. Islam promotes being dishonest, misleading and misrepresentative to non-believers.

They even have a word for it! Taqiyah. This under-hand tactic is used by Muslims to “to agree with someone, in words or in action, on something which is not true”. It is adopted as a defence mechanism for fear of harm or backlash.

Let’s be clear that there would be an indefensible backlash against the Islamisation of Great Britain. Mohammed.


Sharia Law is viewed as the perfect legal system for an Islamic State. It is not long after you engage in conversation with a ‘Muslim’ before the word ‘Perfect’ pops up. Lest we forget – The Prophet Muhammed – an illiterate merchant, was the perfect man. The prevalence of perfection in Islam is laughable. Sharia Law is an archaic legal system.

It is incompatible with any tolerant western society. It brazenly advocates for stoning to death as punishment for homosexuality. Well, I guess that’s me done then! The Quran is roundly outspoken about pornography. Verse 16:90 condemns un-islamic sexual behaviour as “shameful, indecent, evil, rebellious and oppressive”.

Isn’t it funny that pornography can be afforded such hyperbolic labels from a religion that endorses men having multiple wives and who’s prophet engaged in sexual activity with a child? Polygyny and paedophilia are both in my opinion “shameful, indecent, evil, rebellious and oppressive”. Pornography is not.

The broader problem of Hijab’s comments and of the restriction of pornography is that it is being orchestrated by the wrong groups. Governments and Internet Service Providers are colluding to moderate both speech and behaviour. The fresh rounds of de-platforming, demonetising and outright banning of content by tech companies like YouTube and Facebook has shown no one can exercise free speech or behaviour they don’t like. The move by the Government and ISP’s can only be viewed as an indisputable first step towards a totalitarian state.

And Islam is just that. A totalitarian blueprint for society.

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