Sharia Law, Extremism And Terrorism In Prison

by TR News

Muslim extremist Imams have infiltrated the UK prison system which now produces more radicals. Sharia Law, Extremism And Terrorism In Prison.

Allahu Akbar – Your God Is Not Great

Brusthom Ziamani is a Muslim convert, back in 2015 he planned to behead a British soldier after being “inspired” by Michael Adebolajo, a man who in Ziamani’s words was a “legend”.

In February 2015 Ziamani was found guilty of preparing an act of terrorism after a joint police and MI5 intelligence operation stopped him on the streets in August the year before.

As is typical with many Muslim extremists, Ziamani made friends with members of al-Muhajiroun after being kicked out of his home for converting to Islam. Police said that al-Muhajiroun played a “major role in influencing and shaping his radical views”.

You can read letters he penned himself about fighting jihad by clicking HERE.

Before Ziamani’s arrest, he went to see a former girlfriend and told her that he intended to kill British soldiers. The bag he was carrying at the time of his arrest had a twelve-inch knife and the black Islamic jihad flag, most likely the same flag that Tommy ripped out of the hands of another al-Muhajiroun nutcase poppy burning scumbag.

Brusthom Ziamani was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for planning to behead a British soldier. Judge Timothy Pontius, who sentenced Ziamani said he would have to serve at least two-thirds of his sentence before being eligible for parole.

Extremist Muslim Chaplains

Tommy Robinson has been highlighting the fact that UK prisons are hotbeds of radicalisation. Prisons have become fertile grounds for the growth of Islamic gangs that force inmates to convert or be punished. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone given the fact that the prison system itself has allowed Muslim extremist imams to conduct “chaplaincy” work, as they served the “needs” of the UK’s imprisoned Muslim inmates.

Ahtsham Ali - Islamic Society of Britain

Ahtsham Ali – Islamic Society of Britain

Prison Service official Ahtsham Ali said that “203 Muslim chaplains were employed by the Prison service in 2009”. The Ministry of Justice said that eighty were employed full-time. Ahtsham Ali also claimed that NO “extremist imams” have become prison chaplains.

He said:

“All recruitment for employed Muslim chaplains has to take place through myself. I have to be present at every single recruitment board and I have been present at every board for the past eight years since I have been in post. Each individual has to have credible qualifications through seminaries, although there are different seminaries.”

Ahtsham Ali spoke out of both sides of his mouth; there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there were indeed many radical imams working within the prison system “supporting” Muslim criminals. Here are a few examples of radical imams “supporting” Muslim inmates:

Azadul Hussain – Who spoke at a CAGE event (CAGE is an Islamist organisation founded by Moazzam Begg).

Sahib Bleher – The former imam at HMP Woodhill was also the General Secretary of the Islamic Party of Britain, a party that advocates for the killing of homosexuals and a party that wants Britain to become an Islamic state.

Shaykh Yusuf Az Zahaby – A prison chaplain in West Bromwich is also a leading member of Al Hikma Media, an Islamist organisation run by extreme preachers.

You can find many many more “extremist Muslim chaplains” by clicking HERE.

Ahtsham Ali, the man responsible for the recruitment of the UK’s prison Muslim chaplains, was the president of the Islamic Society of Britain. The Muslim Brotherhood founded the Islamic Society of Britain. Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6 said the Muslim Brotherhood was:

“at heart, a terrorist organisation.”

Islam In Britains Prisons

Islam In Britains Prisons

Prison Terrorism And Sharia Compliance

Brusthom Ziamani, the man found guilty of “preparing an act of terrorism”, and a fellow prisoner recently attacked a member of staff at HMP Whitemoor. Both of the prison inmates were wearing fake suicide vests, they stabbed and slashed at prison officers shouting “Allahu Akbar” (as if nobody could have guessed that).

A former inmate and “white British convert” to Islam who knew Ziamani said that he was:

“…notorious for peddling extremism and trying to convert fellow prisoners to radical Islam”.

And that Ziamani:

“….once tried to organise a coup against the prison system and attacked a prison officer. He would also hold sharia courts in his prison cell for infractions such as drinking.”

Who would have thought that convicted Muslim extremists serving time in British jails would do such a thing? Maybe its partly because there are “radical extremist Muslim chaplains” serving their needs? Perhaps prisons should not allow Muslims to form gangs, enforce sharia law and set up jihadi cells in the system?

You might want to read up on the story of Pastor Paul Song, who experienced first hand how Muslim gangs take over and dominate prisons from within, pushing Christianity out of the system.

You can read about that HERE.

Tommy had this right a long time ago, and as usual, he was largely ignored because he’s the “extremist” – let that sink in!

Meanwhile, a murder probe has been launched in HMP Thameside as a prisoner has been found beheaded.

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