Senile Islamist Rages At Conservative Muslim Canvasser

by TR News

Things are not always so black and white, however, in this case, it clearly is. Senile Islamist Rages At Conservative Muslim Canvasser.

Has Ahmed Conservative Muslim Canvasser

Has Ahmed Conservative Muslim Canvasser

Islamist Supremacy And Tolerance

Just imagine for a moment you a white man following another white man who happens to be a political canvasser for a party you do not like, one that you would never vote for.

Imagine yourself shouting at the fellow white man and telling him:

“You are a f***ing communist! You’re stupid! You are f***ing sick in the head if you are voting for Labour! You are a bloody idiot. Go somewhere else, go to a brown f***ing country you wigger!”

Could you imagine what headlines mainstream media would have led with?

Heres a few potential headlines:

Racist White Man Tells Labour Candidate To “Go To A Brown Country”

The Politics Of Hate And White Supremacy

The Politics Of White Patriarchy

Racially Motivated Attack On Labour Canvasser

White Pride Hate Crime

So far only a couple of gutter-press publicists decided to publish the story of Conservative Muslim Has Ahmed, the Daily Mail and the Daily Star.

Where are the left-wing gutter-press publications on this? Had it of been a white man using racially charged language they would be all over it like a rash, rushing to make it public.

Ideological Hatred With A Splash Of Melanin

Has Ahmed is a Pakistani immigrant to the UK who has lived here for ten years. He is a member of the Conservative Party and has canvassed for Conservative’s in the past. However, he was met by a fellow brown-skinned senile co-religionist while out canvassing.

His co-religionist said:

“You are a f***ing fascist! You’re stupid! You are f***ing sick in the head if you are voting for Conservative! You are a bloody idiot. Go somewhere else, go to a white f***ing country!”

The raging Islamist also referred to Has being “a coconut” – brown on the outside but white inside, which makes this incident a racially motivated attack. Has handled the frothing screaming senile Islamist with grace and politeness given the circumstance. Met Twitter Police have jumped in and will now investigate the matter it seems although they may be better off directing their resources and prioritising Sadiq Khans London stab-fest issues instead?

Met Twitter Police

Met Twitter Police Closing In On Senile Racist Islamist

The senile frothing raging Islamist has every right to give his opinion even if it is uncouth, retarded and based on skin colour. Conservatives don’t need to become precious little snowflakes, although perhaps there is a point to using the tried and tested left-wing/Islamist victim narrative against them in this case.

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