‘Scared for my life’: Victim of African GANG ATTACK speaks out

by Avi Yemini

Two days ago I brought to you a story of another African gang once again terrorising my city. It was yet another night of shocking violence in Melbourne, Australia.

Make sure to watch and share the horrific story.

Police say the thugs responsible for those attacks are still on the run and have been previously jailed for similar offences.

I can’t think of many things worse than being brutally attacked like that in what should be, the “safety” of your own home. Helpless for yourself and your loved ones.

So let’s unpack what has brought us to this point in time where such attacks on innocent Australians have become the new norm:

First we opened our hearts and arms to welcome these people in from a war-torn Sudan and Somalia. Our government naively assumed the moment you bring them here, they’ll magically lose their violent culture.

Then, once here and committing violent crimes, they received a slap on the wrist. A number of cops I know, have told me that they often arrest these thugs in the morning and they’re back out by afternoon reoffending. They often show up to court and pull the victim card and use “cultural differences” as their excuse.

What’re the solutions?


1. Stop importing incompatible cultures. Whether it be Islamic or in this case tribal, it is clear that they don’t magically arrive here and become Australian. The truth is, there are many COMPATIBLE people wanting and needing to come here – like, for example, white South African’s who are being brutally murdered for simply existing.

2. The ones you have already let in, when they commit a violent offence, ship them and their entire family back to wherever they came from. Watch how quickly they stop committing the crime when you put their family (aka their tribe) at risk. That is the culture they come from, that’s what they understand. They don’t respect our laws or culture, but if you threaten their tribe – they will begin to behave. Guaranteed.

3. If you cannot deport them, lock them up and throw away the key. If not for their sake, for ours.

We need to stop putting the rights of these absolute animals before the rights of their past and future victims.

Enough is enough.


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