Saying Goodbye To A Brother – Avi Yemini

by TR News

Today is a sad day for us all here at the TR.News team. Saying Goodbye To A Brother – Avi Yemini

An Update From Tommy

Tommy went live earlier today on VK to give us all an update on his current situation, however, this article is dedicated to our good friend and colleague Avi Yemini.

Editorial note…

All of us here at TR.News considers Avi to be a brother, a fellow warrior in the counter-jihad/counter-culture war on far-left and Islamist ideology. During our time working with Avi, we have got to know someone who is very, very small, vertically challenged if you will. For someone so small, he has the heart of a lion (when it’s not packing up on him) and balls big enough to get himself into dangerous and unpredictable situations to bring you the news on the ground – unfiltered, genuine grassroots reporting. Avi brings the kind of reporting that mainstream media refuse to publish, it’s never sanitised, dumbed down or censored, it’s REAL reporting.

Real reporting is a scarce virtue in journalistic circles these days because huge news corporations answer to shareholders, other corporations who buy advertising time (or space), and editorial teams who are beholden to the political class. Pretty much everything you hear on the news rarely reflects any kind of reality, its fake, its partisan and its disingenuous (in the main), having Avi on board with us added a new dimension of truth from the other side of the world. We thank Avi for everything he has done here at TR.News, we appreciate all of the hard work he has put in to push us further, so we have been able to reach out to a broader audience.

Today we joke and banter about Avi’s height (we can and always have done because he is shorter than Tommy), but we also recognise his importance, his role in counter-culture journalism. Despite his size, Avi is big enough to fight the political class and the institutions they use to bludgeon their enemies, to manipulate and control narratives. It is so easy for people to fold, to capitulate, to give in and “make life easier” for themselves in this narcissistic, sociopathic, dog eat dog world of “journalism”. Avi is not a quitter, he fights, he has the courage of his convictions, and he speaks truth to power. He is tenacious (as are all terriers).

Avi, brother, you will be missed, we love you, we love what you do, we love what you bring to the table, and we love watching you wind up the snowflakes of this world with hard facts and evidence. Never stop doing that, keep exposing the degenerate left, keep highlighting political incompetence and hypocrisy wherever and whenever you find it. The world needs to see and hear the truth, open peoples eyes and minds to the subversion and infiltration of western democracies and expose totalitarian tyrants who gratuitously trample on our freedoms while never ever apologising for doing so.

Avi, we love you brother, this isn’t actually a goodbye, this is a thank you, for everything you have done, and for everything you have yet to do, do not underestimate your importance in this war of ideas. We all wish you the very best for now and the future, keep in touch, don’t be a stranger. It won’t be too long before we meet again, no doubt about it.

Keep it real bro, and God bless you.

Go out there and smash it with our full support and blessing!

Best wishes always from the TR.News team.

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