Saudi rapist will not spend time in adult jail

by Avi Yemini

Arsalan Amin came to Australia in July last year on a student visa from Saudi Arabia to study a bachelor of sports management at Victoria University.

In October last year, Mr Amin lured and raped a teenage schoolgirl.

Amin filmed the entire rape. Police who viewed the footage say the victim was “unresponsive” through the entire 45min ordeal.

Last week, the Saudi student pleaded guilty to the horrific rape but will only serve three and a half years in prison.

To add insult to injury, he will serve his sentence in a youth justice centre because of his physical size.

The judge told the rapist “you are small in stature, you were particularly immature, impressionable and likely to be very vulnerable in an adult prison.”

Judge O’Connell also justified the international rapist’s action by blaming it on being “brought up in a relatively sheltered environment”.

Because apparently diversity is our strength.

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