Satirical Promoton Of Political Violence

by TR News

It seems pretty clear that since the media went into a frenzied, breathless drive to meme, ridicule and portray Tommy Robinson as an outright thug while he was campaigning in Warrington, both he, and his team did a superb job in pushing back. The false narratives that were propagandised by the far-left, their cohorts in mainstream media and of course the “odd professional virtue signaller” like ministers of parliament, lawyers, even businesses owners thought they could capitalise on Tommy’s perceived misfortunes.

What a bunch of Dunts! Click on picture

Oh, how they rejoiced with their smears, their slander and their obfuscation.

“We have got that little toe-rag by Jove.”

How short lived was that when Tommy and his team put the truth out there?

Well, all those media outlets are now having to contend with a public who are acutely aware of what happened on that day. They now know how the stinking, unwashed, agitating snowflakes of the far-left exposed themselves for the jobless reprobates they really are, and how a Muslim “victim” became an extension of the sneering political class and their media enforcers who were hell-bent on stopping Tommy at any cost.

Well, the truth is out there now, and there’s bugger all you duplicitous, pompous tossers can do about it.

Meme away, we do enjoy all the free media coverage, you keep drawing public attention to your lies, and as a consequence, they can see your insidious agenda for what it is.

Anyway, we digress…

In and amongst all of the superfluous, superficial sewer type satirisation online, in print and on video of Tommy being assaulted, we can only draw from it, a grotesque gratification of those who hate him.

Behold a new standard; political violence is justifiable if your name is Tommy Robinson.

Be careful when introducing a new standard; it will turn around and bite you on your arse one day.

But wait a minute. Do we not have a sense of humour? All these examples are only comedic satirisations after all. We don’t mean him any harm by them, they say.

Neither we or Tommy are fragile little snowflakes who can’t take a joke, even if it’s in bad taste. We will leave that to the social justice “warriors” who see free speech as violence and racism in truth-telling, they are, after all, infantilised, coddled, precious little things who need only see one world view, their own.

The same can be said of those “aggressive Muslim” types who stand with them. Please don’t upset their feelings, let’s be honest now, who wants those emotions blowing up in front of you? The troubling thing with facts is that they don’t discriminate, facts don’t care about feelings, even if your feelings are offended by them.

These “type” of people are emotionally immature and need the constant suckling comfort of a virtue signalling wet-nurse, whether that be a media outlet, a lawyer, an MP or some business owners. There seems to be a social media scramble to be the most virtuous in the land, even if it’s just pretentious drivel.

Ah, the perfect segue into the satirical point we are making draws forth like an amorous elephant phallus…

Mr Rupert Myers (a right old fashioned working class name if we ever heard one) “formerly” a British GQ political correspondent, was aroused at the sight of Tommy’s assault by an angry, infantilised Muslim boy with a milk-based beverage.

Mr Adonis! Click on picture

How ironic that he finds Tommy’s truth-telling “deplorable” yet his multiple-inappropriate and admitted propositions of women were not, only up until very recently of course, and that was only after getting the boot by GQ once he was “outed” by several women. At least he seized the moment and virtue signalled his apology through the media. Go on old boy; every cloud has a silver lining.

With a name like Rupert, we are sure the ladies were kicking down doors to get at you old bean!

Then we see offers of free stuff at individual establishments for those who assault Tommy.

Free stuff for assaulting Tommy! Click on picture

Perhaps we should do something about those who have rejoiced and used the assaults on Tommy to advance their virtuous credentials, then encourage further attacks on him?

Wouldnt that be hilarious!

Vote Tommy!!!



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