Sadiq Khan’s Lawless Stabbing Capital

by TR News

London is renowned for its history, its heritage, its ability to withstand the blitz and Nazi terror. London is also known as Sadiq Khan’s lawless stabbing capital.

Man Stabs Woman In Front Of Police

The video above pretty much speaks for itself. We don’t have much in the way of any background to produce a fully informed opinion on what happened. However, we can safely say that a woman got stabbed by a man right in front of the police.

The Daily Mail published an article about the incident which did not go into any great detail on the lead up to the attack. The attack happened on the corner of Halley Road (E12 postcode) right outside a supermarket that specialises in Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish and Lithuanian groceries.

It was about 1 am; two women were fighting, a crowd gathered around, and then a man with a beard stabs one of the women repeatedly about five or six times. The daily mail infers he used a set of keys; others say it was a knife. If you slow the video down you can’t really see exactly what it was he was holding. What we do know is that it was reflective, and it was used to push into the body of one of the women.

E12 Postcode Demographics

No Stabbing – Really?

The attack happened right in front of Met Police, the man who stabbed the woman didn’t even run away, in fact, he was encouraged to go back to the scene by another female who appeared to be wearing a bathrobe? He actually stood next to a police officer who was there!

Man Who Stabs Woman Stands Next To A Police Officer

Man Who Stabs Woman Stands Next To A Police Officer

Some have implied he was helping one of the women, which could be true, but he helped her by stabbing the other woman?

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said that:

‘Police were called at approximately 7.50pm on Wednesday, October 2 to reports of a number of people fighting.
Officers attended the scene. Two women, both aged in their 20s, were arrested on suspicion of GBH and taken to east London police stations.
Both have been bailed pending further enquiries to dates in late October. No reports of any serious injuries; no reports of anyone being stabbed.’

No “reports” of anyone being stabbed? That means Met Police officers in attendance cant write a report because they were told at the scene a woman got stabbed if you listen carefully to the video audio.

We took the liberty to look at the demographics of the E12 postcode (above) and then we took a look at the demographics and crime statistics for the exact postal code where the incident happened, you will find them below. Violent crime is a big issue there compared to the national average.

E12 6TJ Demographics

E12 6TJ Demographics

E12 6TJ Crime Statistics

E12 6TJ Crime Statistics

Sadiq Khan must be proud of the Lawless London he has helped to nurture.

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