Russia’s MFA Is Observing Tommy’s Situation

by TR News

British media don’t care, or they are not interested, or they are scared of giving Tommy Robinson any media coverage. Thankfully Russia’s MFA is observing Tommy’s Situation closely.

Tommy’s Human Rights?

It is a sad state of affairs when human rights, media and governmental agencies and organisations take little to no notice of Tommy Robinsons situation. The brand Tommy Robinson is so polluted by the dirty smear merchants of mainstream media that his politicised persecution gets celebrated rather than objectively investigated.

Human rights organisations don’t care about Tommy Robinson, but they do care about the human rights of terrorists worldwide. Human rights organisations also turn a blind eye to despots and dictators who flagrantly abuse the people they rule over, yet somehow gain praise for their incredible humanity?

It’s such a chaotic world we live in – evil is good, good is bad, boys are girls and girls are boys, democracies are dead, and dictatorships are thriving.

Russia’s MFA Is Observing Tommy’s Situation

Russian journalist Edvard Chesnokov asked a pointed question or two about Tommy Robinson and his supporters to Russias Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova. What is surprising here is that a foreign state has confirmed they are keeping a close eye on the treatment of Tommy Robinson. They are also keeping a close eye on how the media handle the situation surrounding him as they highlight our nations high standards for human rights. Human rights involve freedom of speech and freedom of assembly; something our political class doesn’t like us exercising in any way.

Here is just one example to give the Russian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in terms of how the media behaves here in Britain towards Tommy Robinson and his support base. On the 3rd of August, Tommy Robinson supporters went to London; we had our demonstration right outside the BBC headquarters. We chose this venue to highlight their pro-paedophilic artwork, their history of covering up child abuse and of course, to highlight their fake news stories. We did all these things while demanding justice for Tommy Robinson, a political prisoner of the corrupt British state.

Tommy and the team really did a job on the BBC when their Panorama “journalists” got exposed for the insidious set up dirty smear merchants they always have been. Just watch Tommy’s documentary PANODRAMA exposing the hypocrisy, corruption and the incredible lengths programme-makers will go to “sell” a story to the general public.

To watch Tommy’s PANODRAMA documentary click HERE.

The BBC Are Scared

After Tommy released his documentary PANODRAMA he was almost instantly de-platformed from all remaining social media. Exposing a corrupt media giant like the BBC doesn’t go down well, especially with the political establishment. The political class and the media always want to steer and control the narrative; anyone who steals that away from them is a severe threat.

So on the 3rd of August, we had thousands of people turn up in support of Tommy, right outside the BBC.

Did the BBC report on the #FreeTommy event? We ask this question because it wouldn’t take too long for one of their journalists and a cameraman to leave the building and immediately report on the demonstration.

The answer to that question is NO THEY DID NOT!

You can find the BBC’s lack of news reporting of the #FreeTommy event on their website by clicking HERE. Good luck finding anything relevant about the demo on the 3rd of August using the search term “Tommy Robinson”.

It is pretty clear that the modus operandi of mainstream media is just all out fake-news, exaggeration, bias or total media blackout. We are over the target when they resort to such tactics. Maybe Russia’s MFA would like to highlight the reasons behind the BBC’s silence, after all, licence payers are entitled to the news. On this point, the BBC totally failed in its duties; however, its easy enough to understand why that happened.

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