REVEALED: New York Times EXPOSED over ‘Far-Right YouTube’ Hitjob

by Samuel Jack

THE NEW York Times published a front-page piece over the weekend entitled ‘The Making of a YouTube Radical’ attacking the so-called far-right.


THE New York Times published a front-page piece over the weekend entitled ‘The Making of a YouTube Radical’ attacking the so-called far-right.

The author Kevin Roose pens a passionate account of an alleged former far-right college drop out Caleb Cain, who has recently “sworn off” the far-right. The rest of the piece is thus imbued with disingenuous moralism.

Mr Cain – complete with Glock tucked into his pants – explains how he fell down the “alt-right rabbit hole” and how the deeper he delved; the more radicalised he became. He said that after having watched various YouTube “alt-right” celebrities, he found “a sense of belonging” but later admits that he was just “brainwashed”.

The piece comes after the latest tech company – YouTube – decided to demonetise and in some cases, completely remove content considered to be far-right. A move that limited users ability to produce content and make ends meet for their channels.

This is nothing new for YouTube. This year has seen the deplatforming of InfoWars’ Alex Jones. Tommy Robinson found himself on their hit list too having his content restricted and ultimately banned from their platform.

In a controversial move, The NYT headed the article with a collage of faces of the alleged “Alt-Right”. So-called “Alt-Right” bogeyman Alex Jones sits on the same page as Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro.

This was a move that garnered the attention of supposed “far-right” commentators and spectators alike. Some even seem proud of this achievement, Milo Yiannopoulos took to his Telegram channel exclaiming “Made the front page of The New York Times”.

Milo has faced arguably the most severe sanctioning by the left. He has been the victim of career-crushing collusion from big-tech caving into far-left activists who demanded that he be banned from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Of course, big-tech were more than happy to cave into far-left tantrums and smears, ultimately obliging their SJW friend’s demands for censorship.

Paul Joseph Watson clearly wasn’t buying into the piece and posted a video on his secondary YouTube channel ‘Anything Goes’ that looked into Caleb Cain’s history. It wasn’t long before he uncovered a tweet from Cain stating:

“I clearly state I was an alt-lite civ nat in interviews.”

You can find that on InfoWars HERE.

The tweet suggests that Cain has never been alt-right or held far-right views. The NYT is doing what it does best – pedalling fake-news. Well, congratulations New York Times you’ve outed yourselves again!

Kevin Roose persistently uses the words radical, radicalised and radicalisation in his garbage hit piece. This should be of great concern for the conservative community as they are being used by-proxy to infer collective responsibility for everything from holding conservative views and responsibility for terrorist attacks.

But it doesn’t stop there. The left’s playbook advocates the pejorative use of the term Nazi. Let’s face it, chances are we’ve all been called a Nazi by a screeching lefty this week. Consequently, YouTube has the Nazis – no, no not us… The actual Nazis – in its crosshairs. They have taken to removing educational content that documents the heinous crimes of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

The actions can only be seen as a campaign by the left to re-define the term Nazi. A Nazi will no longer be a member of a 1930’s political movement. It will be a term for anyone who holds values that oppose those held by the left.

History can teach us a lot about this kind of behaviour.

The redefinition and weaponisation of words is the oldest trick in the book. Think about the Soviet government taking over of the term ‘Kulak’ – once an affluent peasant (characterised as a farm owner who had livestock and profited from it) then re-defined by Lenin and used as a label for anyone who wouldn’t hand over their cows and land to the Communist State.

Kulaks went from village leaders to pariahs in next to no time, only because they actively threatened the Soviet plan, they could not have capitalists rivalling the authority of socialist structures now, could they?

In 1929 de-“kulak”isation was a term coined by the Soviet government, a term that explicitly defined the means for them to go out and liquidate the kulaks as a class, which they did!

The agenda to re-define language is part of a more significant movement which has been gaining traction since the beginning of this year. The actions follow last months Twitter cull of the far-right. Something President Donald Trump took to Twitter to lambast by tweeting:

“Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform, without restriction. It’s called Freedom of Speech, remember. You are making a Giant Mistake!”

Donald Trump is right. Western society was built on a foundation of free speech, and it should be maintained. Big-Tech should not control what people can and cannot say, if they are to control any individuals right to freedom of speech on their platforms, then they need to be regulated in the same way publishers are because they are managing content.

The left is irrefutably running out of ideas here. The NYT account of an ex far-right follower insinuates that conservatism is a disease that needs treating. Next, they’ll be saying conservatives need to undergo political conversion therapy – similar to the absurdity of gay conversion therapy.

Who knows maybe Google will become an online gulag for dissenters of their chosen narrative? In fact, isn’t that already the case?

The only disease that needs treating is the cancer of Cultural Marxism. It is slowly eating away at Western values. It is a form of cancer that targets healthy cells while leaving a disembowelled, valueless, second-rate, empty and meaningless societal shell in its wake.

Wake up, join platforms that really do live up to the term – Freedom Of Speech.

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