Reporting Mosques Violating Lockdown Bring Police Intimidation!

by TR News

Tom Linden is an independent journalist who hosts his own radio show and website. Reporting Mosques Violating Lockdown Bring Police Intimidation!

A Key Public Service

While the coronavirus lockdown is in place TR.News has reported on Police overreaching and overreacting during this pandemic. In some cases, Police actions have angered many, not just because of the way they have behaved, but because a certain “community” have been treated differently to others. When members of the Islamic community have been caught flouting the lockdown rules, there appears to be one rule for them and one rule for anyone else.

We are, of course, talking about the Islamic community in Britain.

How many instances of mass gatherings of Muslims have there been posted online? There appears to be quite a few, many instances of which involve violence. Although some instances posted online have been found to be fake or before the lockdown was enforced, that should not mean all cases are fake news, because many are not. Tommy Robinson was recently and disingenuously criticised by a “Guardian journalist” based in the North of England (Nazia Parveen) for posting a video on his Telegram channel. In the Guardian article, Tommy was accused of posting a video about a group of Muslim men leaving a “secret mosque” in Small Heath Birmingham.

The Guardian hit piece then predictably linked Tommy Robinson to “white nationalism” and the “far-right” using a word salad of disingenuous defamatory and slanderous far-left talking points, ones that have no bearing on reality, or real journalism for that matter! The article reveals not only Guardianista biases but also a modus operandi to downplay the reality of Muslim individuals who ignore lockdown rules. This ignorance has the potential to cause further illness and death within our communities; it should be reported on. Highlighting this ignorance has become a criminal act; it would seem. The activist press attempt to downplay any such reports; they behave like a confused rabid dog, randomly biting people to pass on its disease.

You can read the TR.News rebuttal to the Guardian hit piece by clicking HERE.

Sharia Rules Over All

Sharia Rules Over All!

Sharia Complaint Police

These “uncomfortable reports” are not just pushed back on by “activist journalists”, they are now proscribed by the Police. North Yorkshire Police appear to have made it their mission to enforce “preventative measures” on investigative reporters who dare highlight a “coronavirus non-conformance issue” within the Muslim community.

Tom Linden is an independent journalist; he runs his own website and has a podcast/radio show. Tom was an N.C.O. Instructor with Royal Observer Corps, a position he held for twelve years, he was also a member of the Institute of Civil Defence for five years and a North Yorkshire County Council Community Defence Adviser for four years. Tom has many years of experience in civil defence, and he’s a self-described “prepper”, you can visit his website by clicking HERE.

Tom is not just an independent journalist; he is a concerned citizen. When he became aware of mosques in some Muslim areas of Bradford flouting social distancing rules by allowing Friday prayers, he had to take action. Tom was also made aware of large gatherings of Muslims in parks and open spaces, so, being a concerned citizen, he decided to report these mosques to the West Yorkshire Police via their online Covid-19 report form. To his detriment, Tom made the mistake of informing the Police he is an independent radio journalist who would be driving around Bradford and Leeds to report on open mosques and/or large outdoor prayer meetings.

The video above details Toms experience with Yorkshire Police Officers who turned up to “indirectly threaten him” and advise him not to report or investigate any open mosques or large gatherings of Muslims in open spaces for “prayer meetings”.


Could it be that reporting on a known problem, one that puts our communities at a higher risk of infection, is a far greater “crime” than the ignorance and selfishness of certain individuals within the UK Muslim community? Maybe the Police are fine with this kind of “known behaviour”, maybe they are more interested in knocking through doors of non-Muslim residents? Maybe they are more pre-occupied with arresting a man for removing a tree from his mothers garden? Maybe they are more concerned with a father and his children playing outside on their front lawn? Maybe they are more concerned with “non-essential” purchases of shoppers? Maybe they are terrified of independent reporters exposing their duplicity in their application of law and their preferential treatment of one community over every other?

Maybe the Police ought to take action against specific members of the Muslim community who deliberately and knowingly flout coronavirus lockdown measures?

Maybe they should treat these Muslims with the same “vigor” of non-Muslims adhering to lockdown measures causing no harm to anyone?

Is even “even-handedness” too much to ask for in this day and age?

Yorkshire Police are “cracking down” on pubs that allegedly “ignore lockdown guidance” during the coronavirus pandemic, so why not mosques?

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